Favourite Moments from Family Vacation

Getting to the airport at 6 a.m. without killing each other.

Getting to the other airport and it not being minus a million.

Eve deciding that the back seat of the shuttle bus was perfect for her.

The view from our room.

Giving The Hat Man some business (Charlotte's a deadly negotiator).

Watching Poppa try to catch a piece of stir-fried chicken in his mouth (and missing).

Guest cheffing.

A flying boat. A FLYING BOAT.

Hanging in our room.

Angus serenading us with the bilingual "hop up jump in" song from Handy Manny every night as we were falling asleep (or "am I freakin' Puerto Rican or Dominican" from the Scrubs musical episode). But I don't have a picture of that, so this is a picture of Matt trying to get him to wear Eve's fedora.

Being mellow.

Really, really mellow. 


When Uncle Matthew introduced Jonah to chili cheese dogs from the beach bar and Jonah ate one every day (sometimes two). 

When we were at the buffet on the fourth day and all the adults guiltily admitted they'd been sneaking chicken fingers from the kids' station and they were really, really good. 

Great Big Mable!

Great Big Mable with our kids on it instead of Speedo Guy beside it. 

Math homework!

Hanging out before dinner.

Hanging out before dinner while Eve and Charlotte do a soft-shoe routine using Poppa's walking poles as canes.

Eve and Charlotte doing their "Baywatch slow-motion run before the special effects have been added".

The kids' table!

Making friends!

Making friends that bring us fancy drinks on our last night! (Also, having a hard-of-hearing mother, so while she's giving the thumbs-up to the waiter because she thinks he's just waving, you get to say "You just told him to bring us all a Mama Juana" and hear her say WHAT?)

Being fabulous. On a staircase. In coordinating outfits. Even though I forgot my shoes.


Lynn said…
Oh, so fabulous. I feel relaxed just looking at the pics :). Love the family photo at the end - was this just a staff member who took it, or was there a photographer there?
StephLove said…
We have 10.5 inches of snow the morning. I wish I'd stowed away in your luggage.
Julie said…
jealous. that's all i have to say.

oh and Eve's hat is freakin' awesome sauce.

and the family pic is all that.

ok, that is all.

Nicole said…
Looks so great but the question arises: why didn't you take me with you???

Hop up jump in - aaarrrrghhh now it's in my head.
Sarah McCormack said…
looks awesome!! so glad you some sunshine in the middle of this crazy winter... but I also hate you for it :) great photos!
Sasha said…
Absolutely fabulous. But what does Angus' shirt say in the last pic?
Cynthia said…
Mmmmm. Cheese dogs.

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