Meme Mon...Saturday, and something about Festivus.

Nicole and I are bringing memes back, so in typical Nicole-and-Allison fashion, Nicole brought memes back starting two days BEFORE Christmas, and Hannah brought memes back very soon after, and me? Here I am straggling in on whatever the hell day this is, when it's really just a little pathetic to still be talking about Christmas television, but I'M OKAY WITH THAT. Nicole also takes her Christmas tree down the day after Christmas and ruthlessly sweeps out and puts away every pine needle, silver bell and sparkly ribbon, so we're clearly just barely the same species.

What is your favourite Christmas television special, and why?

A Charlie Brown Christmas. I love The Grinch, and Frosty the Snowman, and, truthfully, all the other dumbass specials that Family Channel spits out at this time of year. But nothing gets me right in the heart like a Vince Guaraldi soundtrack, those manically dancing little Peanuts figures and that pitiful little tree.

When I was still in the hospital after having Angus, I was holding him after breastfeeding with his little head in my hand, and he had his eyes closed and his mouth in this adorable little pursed shape, and I suddenly thought he looked kind of like this:

What is your least favourite Christmas special, and why?

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Nicole and Hannah already said it all.

What is the Christmas movie you cannot live without? 

Mickey's Christmas Carol. We didn't really watch Christmas movies when I was a kid, so this started when Angus was very small. When the Ghost of Christmas Present visits Scrooge, he comes with a feast, and he talks about mince pies and sausages and and then he says "and don't forget the chocolate pot roast with simash....with smishsmashio...with shiminashimina....with yogoit" (he's trying to say 'pistachio'). This made Angus, and later Eve, dissolve into gales of laughter and repeat the line endlessly. The first time my mom made the dessert she makes with whipped cream, ice cream and pistachio pudding, his eyes almost fell out of his head. We usually watch it Christmas Eve, but this year Angus was sick and went to bed early, so we watched it Christmas Day, all crowded into the pull-out bed in the basement.

Name a Christmas special from your childhood that is so obscure you're not even sure it exists.

Honey, I have enough trouble remembering the stuff that actually DID happen.

Name a 'very special' Christmas episode of your favourite childhood television series.

Damn. I should have just skipped this meme. I can't even remember if I HAD a favourite childhood television series. I liked The Littlest Hobo. Is that lame? That's lame, isn't it? Look, I'm old, we only had two channels for most of my childhood. For what it's worth, I love the Big Bang Theory episode where Penny gives Sheldon a napkin signed by Leonard Nimoy and he freaks out and tries to give her a hug as a reciprocal gift of equivalent worth, and Leonard says "it's a Saturnalia miracle!"

Okay, I'm off to work on my 2013 book round-up posts which will make you all love me again.


Nicole said…
I love you. That is all.
Ms. G said…
Charlie Brown all the way!

and Meet Me in St. Louis. Which isn't technically About Christmas but is the tradition with me and my girls : )
Hannah said…
That BBT episode socks me in the feels every time. "I POSSESS THE DNA OF LEONARD NIMOY??" And then I cry, because I am a giant dork.

Sarah McCormack said…
we watch Mickey's Christmas Carol too every year, and the Muppet Christmas Carol and about 15 others including Ziggy's Gift which I have on VHS and if you ever want to check it out it's on You Tube.

Charlie Brown however, if my fave. perhaps tied with the Grinch.

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