Wrinkles of various types

First of all, running drop-tackle hugs to Maggie - FUCK the leaves, Maggie, FUCK them - and Jenny - make the boys iron, Jenny! Just kidding, that's a terrible idea if your boys are anything like mine - and everyone else who is making me feel like forcing out a blog post every day in this miserable month is a wholly worthwhile endeavour. Also, the Denver Hayes never iron shirt? Is a filthy lie perpetrated on the iron-hating public. ALSO also, Angus and the team wore shirts and ties over to St. Joseph's high school for an exhibition game, changed into their jerseys and promptly stuffed their neatly pressed shirts and pants into their drawstring bags - so yeah, still love the coach, but shaking my head a little.

Because tomorrow (today) is Thursday and I will be (am) driving to Barrie to spend the week-end with Zarah, I have decided to review tonight's (last night's) dinner for this post.

We had the last of the carrots from my dad's garden - those were fantastic, obviously. We had some berries from Farm Boy, which were pretty good, although obviously it's not the best season for them. I also cooked a box of President's Choice Coconut Chicken Lollipops and a box of President's Choice Moroccan Cigars, both of which I picked up on a whim at the grocery store yesterday because I thought a finger foods night before I leave might be fun.

Both were really good - good quality chicken and beef, the coconut coating was nice, and the Moroccan cigars had an authentically Moroccan flavour (based on my expert opinion, which I base on having spent two whole weeks in Morocco once). Both my husband and I were impressed.

Eve's review of her toasted kaiser bun with melted cheese on it and Angus's review of the box of timbits he filled up on after volleyball which meant that he wasn't hungry - also thumbs up.

My review of my kids? They SUCK.

(This is not a sponsored post, in case that wasn't clear. It probably was).


StephLove said…
Have a good trip/visit. I think a road trip sounds like it would be fun around now. Too bad I can't drive.
Nicole said…
Hahaaaaaa, the kids. YES. Sounds like my house.
Jenny said…
You are too sweet! It's kind of funny--my husband is excellent at ironing but he hates doing it, and I'm scared I'll burn myself, the clothes, and/or the house down.

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