Sorry, November: I love you not.

I just feel gross today. I feel bad, I look bad, the mother of all bad hair days is taking place on top of my head and there's something unspeakable going on in my right nostril. Matt and I went to watch Eve's African drumming class do their last-class performance. It was cool. Then we were supposed to mingle with the other parents, and while they all seemed nice, we didn't know anyone and it was as excruciatingly awkward as you might think that kind of thing would be when you're me.

So here, have some funny stuff that other people showed me.

I got this from Nicole and showed it to Eve when she got home from school. I was walking away and she was yelling "THE BUNNIES ARE SO CUTE". I said "just wait for the duckling" and she said "geez - spoiler much?"

I read this to the kids as Eve was eating before African drumming and Angus was skulking around the kitchen; the sandwich one actually made me cry and gasp for breath.

I often see Coffee With Jesus on Sherri's Facebook page and I LOVE it.

My whole body feels like hangnails. Everything is so Novemberish. Blah.


Lynn said…
Coffee with Jesus: SNORT. Can't believe I have never seen this before.

I am usually quite cheerful in November, and I actually think it is due to my xmas shopping frenzy. As much as I whine about how busy I am, I actually ADORE the shopping - both the freedom to spend a little money guilt-free, and the joy of looking around in stores and online for something really cool. Combine that with Christmas CDs in the car and I am able to fend off the November blahs.

Something to perk you up: have purchased chocolate covered cranberries, after eight sticks, jelly bellies, and Lucky Charms for tomorrow night. And that ain't the half of it.

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