Post called on account of someone beating on my mood with the ugly stick

Pro tip: rifling through the top bathroom drawer in search of that peppermint cream headache cure someone gave you or sold you when the headache in need of curing is already in full bloom and you can't really remember what kind or size or colour of container the stuff was in is unlikely to turn up anything more rewarding than some ancient and unforgivably frosty eyeshadow, some hand cream samples that have taken on the colour and texture of ear wax, and a fresh gripe to add to your surly little store, along with a couple more degrees of headache thanks to the frustration and the search angle.

I guess I'll just stick to drugs.


StephLove said…
Sorry about the headache (and hoping it's history) but if you run out of NaBloPo ideas maybe you could post pictures of yourself in the frosty eye shadow.
Ms. G said…
This post did excellent things for my mood : )and Steph there cracked me up too.
Hope the head's feeling better!
Julie said…
Drugs are good. Just ask Rob Ford.

:) OK, my one and only shot using a Ford reference.
Nicole said…
:( Hope you feel better.

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