Not-Quite-Surly Thursday

Have I mentioned how much I love everyone who reads and comments here, and how I would totally buy you all homes in the south of France if I could? Even though I still don't know if we should get a dog? Because I really really do, and I really really would. And we are completely maybe getting some kind of dog some day.

I picked Eve up at school dismissal to whip her over to piano lessons, then whip her back to the school so I could do my interview with her teacher and then we could work the book fair for the evening, which is always nuts because all the parents come in before or after their interviews.

I had my usual four-minute interview - Eve's enthusiastic, Eve's bright and interested and wonderful and when Eve and Marianna sit close together they talk too much. Check. I went back to wait with Eve for the librarian to arrive and unlock the library. She was six minutes late. There were people lined up and pounding on the library doors like they were high and the last cookies in the world were in there. The school secretary asked if I would be confident opening the book fair alone and I said yes because if I didn't I was afraid they would all pounce on Katy when she came in and chew her down to the bone.

Did I mention that the debit/credit machine wouldn't work inside the library, so every time someone wanted to pay with plastic we (mostly me because I don't get cold) had to go out of the library, around the tables where they were selling school t-shirts, and out the double glass doors into the cold November darkness? And then sometimes the machine would still fuck with me, like "take me outside. Now I'm thirsty. I'd like a pony. Is that five green bars you see? Oh, now it's two red ones. Maybe I'll connect to the wireless and maybe I won't, what are you gonna do about it?" An extremely classy operation, it was. One guy said he felt like he was going to get his books home and discover that there were a bunch of letters missing. At one point the principal said we should try the conference room, and one man yelled across the library to his son "I'll be right back, I'm just going into this room with this lady". So that was awesome.

Anyway. We made a buttload of money for the school. Eve was awesome, both for her math skills and her entertainment value. The kids were awesome. I always feel extremely useful at book fair time. Also, Eve just read the third paragraph of this post because she demanded approval rights if I was going to tell the world that she and Marianna talk too much, and she said "now I know why I want to be an author - I get those skills from you." So that doesn't suck either.


StephLove said…
Useful's good, as is a complement from your offspring. The days is a win.
StephLove said…
The day, the day, not days is a win.
Nicole said…
Ahahaha! I love you. I totally totally totally get this post. The parents banging on the door like they're high. We had a similar sitch around here, but ours was held in the always-open staff room, so we had parents wandering around there at unauthorized times. Good fun. "I'm just going into the room with this lady". Hahaha. Ah, I love you. You're my soul sister.
Maggie said…
I have yet to work a single school related event (and I've worked quite a few in the last 6 years) at which the CC machines all worked properly. I've never been as happy as when we decided the back to school pizza night would be cash only. My stress level decreased exponentially.
Hannah said…
Banging on the door?? Really??? Good lord. Our book fair is set up in the library and to my knowledge no one has ever wanted to get in there so badly that they hammered on the door. WOW.
Ms. G said…
"I'll be right back, I'm just going into this room with this lady".
Tee Hee : )
Magpie said…
ooh, a week in the south of France? yes, please!

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