Mondays on the Margins: Book Fair Edition

A couple of months ago, Katy the library tech at our school said the principal didn't really want us to have the Book Fair this year.

Uh........ say WHAT?


Eventually she said we could have the Book Fair. A couple of weeks ago Katy said nobody had volunteered for the Book Fair. The newsletter is online now, which is great. People were always complaining about getting more than one newsletter if they had more than one kid at the school - having it online wastes much less paper. The only problem is that almost nobody reads it when it's online, so nobody knew we NEEDED volunteers.

So I said no problem. I'll just come every day.

As it turns out, we got more volunteers, which thank god because I love the Book Fair and I COULD go all day every day and today flew by and the library is my happy place, BUT my introvert energy tank is empty and I fed my kids leftover Chinese food and no vegetables for supper and I am brain. dead.

I sold erasers that look like lunch boxes, makeup compacts, video game controllers, moustaches, guitars and licorice.

I sold long sticks with a hand on the end that were meant for teachers to use as pointers for whiteboards but were being bought by children for the sole purpose of whacking each other.

I was paid fourteen dollars and ninety-five cents for two books - in nickels and dimes.

I said "okay, I can hold the Super Ear for you, but only until four o'clock."

I said "please don't bite the eraser, it's not made of actual food" more than once.

I said "no, nothing is free" more than once.

I almost hugged a little boy who came in, closed his eyes and said rapturously, "I can smell the books!

I experienced total brain-lock while trying to perform a fairly simple subtraction. I think actual smoke came out of my ears. We usually have calculators. Tomorrow I'm bringing a calculator.

I bought Eve this book and this book and a few other books. Then I let her buy a poster with puppies on it. I guess I was weak from all the math.

Eve came in for the hour we were open after school. She's better at math than I am, so she was helpful. We were looking at books and she picked one that Katy said was really good but had a few inappropriate words, and Eve said "that's okay. I'm an inappropriate child." Katy said that was understandable considering who her mother was. Before we left, Eve did a killer version of Walking on Sunshine with one of the stick-hand-pointer things, which had Katy and me practically on the floor, although that was maybe partly fatigue. And math.

I'm exhausted. I'm going to bed. With a book. I think that's fair. Ha.


Nicole said…
I feel like I could have written this entire post! I have said every single one of those things, including "don't bite the eraser". Our newsletter is online now too but no one reads it. Hell, I forget half the time. Our book fair is being set up today. I'm going to be there for the whole week, except I did find a few extra volunteers for tomorrow afternoon so I think I'm going to sneak out and hide from the children. I'm also NOT doing the after school hour because it's on Thursday and I have to get the boys to karate. It's unbelievably freeing.
Maggie said…
I too could have written at least part of this post. I couldn't volunteer every day, but I was there enough to experience all of this except substitute the thrill of trying to figure out how in the hell to change the tape roll for printing out receipts from the till for wishing for a calculator and you'd have my experience.

We also moved to solely online communications because of the complaints about too much paper and now no one knows a god damned thing because they either (1) don't read the emails/online newsletters at all or (2) don't read them all the way to the end. *pulls at hair and runs screaming from the computer*
StephLove said…
We had a book fair yesterday, too. Are they the same day all over North America?

Shan said…
Who doesn't love the book fair? That being said I've never actually volunteered to help out with the book fair, but to be fair it's usually the same evening as our silent auction and there's only so much this chick can do. Loved the post!
Julie said…
"I can smell the books." so awesome.
Magpie said…
you almost make me want to volunteer for a book fair. but i'm a cranky curmudgeon, so i can't.

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