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I saw Catching Fire with my kids and Collette and her kids (our movie buddies) today. I liked it, maybe even a little more than the first movie, although I'm not sure it's possible to assess that fairly because the first movie had to set everything up and the second had the advantage of beginning in media res. Somebody on Facebook mentioned that Jennifer Lawrence's lack of affect was becoming grating, which I found in the first movie, but in this one I actually thought she got to demonstrate more of a range. I found Peeta more convincing as the male lead in this movie too.

Further to yesterday's post, and the comments; yes, what IS with Hollywood optioning Stephen King's work and then rendering it utterly ridiculous and nearly unrecognizable? But then I thought, is that fair - some of the movies have been good, after all. Some have been really good. Is it just that he's written so many books, or just that the bad movies have been so very bad? And THEN I thought, it's Saturday night and I have a really bad headache and I don't have the energy to examine this closely enough right now.

But I'll work on it.


StephLove said…
Well, I do think The Shining is a good movie on its own merits. Not so faithful to the book, but definitely a horror classic.
Maggie said…
Jennifer's Lawrence's lack of affect is particularly annoying since it has been shown that she can act the hell out of things. In Winter's Bone she didn't say much, but her face said everything. Amazing. Unsure if it's the direction or a character choice, or what, but it's unfortunate.

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