Shaky Thursday

How do I do this again? Blog without a specific event and pictures to anchor me? It's been a while.

I was feeling a touch surly last night, although mostly still shaky. I'm taking a basic Computers course in my Library Tech Diploma. Until now I've been able to muddle through all the courses even though I'm not terribly comfortable with computers and they keep changing course platforms on me; but NOW, I'm supposed to be learning about computers ON A COMPUTER. It feels somewhat akin to learning how to race cars by building my own car and then racing it - I worry there could be a catastrophic injury.

So I was starting a little late because of all the World Series nuttiness, then school starting, then Matt being in Asia and Eve having the flu, then Blissdom, because I knew the first assignment wasn't due until next week. I was working through the chapter on Windows 7, clicking all the buttons and thinking this was pretty good, useful and simple even - some instructions were just to 'notice' things. I can notice things! I'm a kick-ASS noticer! Then I got hung up on something (displaying windows side-by-side, if you must know, STOP LAUGHING, I'm good at other things!) and had to email the instructor, and then I started reading through the learning plan just to make sure I hadn't missed anything (of course I'd missed anything, I'd missed lots of things, did I mention they keep changing course platforms and I'm really bad at computer stuff?) and there way at the end is this one line: Exam at Mohawk.

Say what?

Since I'm doing the embarrassing confession thing already, let me just be up front about the fact that the first couple of courses I registered for were ONLY offered through Mohawk - it doesn't really matter, it's all through, which is a clearing house for courses offered through a whole bunch of colleges. But some of the later courses are actually offered through Algonquin, which is the college nearest to me. But the Algonquin college registration interface is completely impenetrable, as far as I can tell - I've never been able to find the page where I register. So I went on registering through Mohawk, which has a really user-friendly interface but is in goddamned HAMILTON, five hours away.

Look! I figured out the snipping tool!

So I fired off a panicky email to my instructor, but it was almost midnight because I'd spent the evening helping out a friend who is solo-parenting her baby for the week and then Matt tried to install some viewing program that buggered everything and then spent another forty minutes trying to UN-install it, so I wasn't going to get an answer last night.

Whatever. Fine. I'm cool.

NO,OF COURSE I'M NOT COOL, ARE YOU INSANE? I might have totally screwed up because I was too stupid to figure out how to register at Mohawk, I might have to drop a whole course and be that much further behind in the diploma that I'm ALREADY doing so slowly that disco will probably be cool again by the time I'm done. That or drive five hours to write an exam at Christmastime.

No, no, enough of that. I'm a grown-up. I can accept that I make mistakes, and even if the worst-case happens here, it's not the end of the world. It's not death or dismemberment. It's only community college. I went to bed, played some Words With Friends, read a little and hardly laid awake all night worrying at all.

This morning there was an email from my instructor. She said of course I can write the exam at Algonquin and sent me a link to register for a proctor. Then she congratulated our family on the Little League World Series thing, because yes, I'm not above still using that as an excuse for everything - "I'm distracted in this course halfway through October because baseball".

Shut up.


Sasha said…
You should totally send her links to the blog posts. I mean, ANYONE can CLAIM to have been at the Little League World Series (and really, who wouldn't?).

And if you have computer questions... you should probably ask someone else. I mean, you CAN ask me, but be prepared for the fact that writing software doesn't actually imply knowing how to use it.
Hannah said…
If I'd realized I was signed up to write an exam a five-hour drive away during the Christmas season I'd be up all night fretting and convincing myself that the whole course was blown and I'd end up alone with my cats.

I'm proud of you for handling it, Allison. Good for you.
StephLove said…
If you post your own blog, you're ahead of me in computer skills. (I just write mine in Word and Beth posts it for me.) I'm glad it all worked out and didn't come to death or dismemberment.
Nicole said…
I'd use the world series excuse for the rest of my LIFE if I was you. You handled it awesome, and glad it worked out. Whew!
I have another friend that is taking a library tech course as well but her computer course is about Windows XP and inserting DISKS! Yikes. At least your course appears to be of the modern era.
S said…
Hahah! Glad all is well now.
Shan said…
I got all excited when I saw Mohawk for my own selfish bloggy meet up reasons! Glad you got it sorted out though.
Julie said…
next time you get in a panic text me and i'll let you know that of course they will let you take it algonquin. and then make fun of you. then tell you your awesome and that we need to have lunch. :)
Ms. G said…
I know my way around my computer pretty well and a lot of the stuff still scares the heck out of me. I'll sit 10 minutes wondering if I should punch a button.

Glad you escaped the 5 hour drive before an exam-no, just no...

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