Little League World Series Diary: Day Fourteen or something, dunno, it's all a blur at this point

So we got home, and Matt left for Washington. (Before we left, there was talk of the coaches taking the kids to see a baseball game in Baltimore. Matt was telling this to me and Eve and saying that the crazy part was that then they would be really close to where he was on business in Washington. Eve and I were saying "so they're at the biggest baseball tournament in the country and the coaches want to bus them two hours another baseball game. And THAT'S not the CRAZY part?") On Sunday, they were bussed back to Toronto to be hosted at the Blue Jays game. I drove down to Toronto, had a minor panic attack when my GPS couldn't find the hotel, called Matt and asked if he had time to help me, looked for a place to pull over and then suddenly found myself across the street from the hotel. I checked in and walked to the Rogers Centre. The boys were on the field.

They were given jerseys with their names and numbers on them (their East Nepean numbers, not their Team Canada numbers, since Matt had to send in the numbers as soon as they won in Glace Bay). So THAT was insanely cool.

They got to meet some of the players and got hats signed, then watched batting practice. 

It was raining when we got there, but then cleared up, so they opened the dome.

The team was introduced before the game.

The parents had really good seats, and the team was in a box. One of the dads said he thought he could see the light from the beer fridge. 

On the way down to Toronto, I realized I had forgotten to get cash, which I always do before going on a trip in case my bank card doesn't work. Then when I go to the game, it became apparent that Matt had put a bunch of people's rooms on his credit card in Glace Bay, and these people started handing me envelopes of cash. By the end of the evening I felt like a drug dealer. 

I love this shot every time. 

And look what happened! 

After the game, I walked back to the hotel with some other parents and we met the team bus. We helped unload and decided who was going to take which stuff home. I went up to the room with Angus and then went back down to have a beer with some parents and coaches. One of the coaches asked how Angus was and I said "showered, naked with a towel around his waist, watching tv and eating blueberry pancakes from room service - so, blissfully happy".

It was a good night.


Lynn said…
I just cannot get over what a huge, life-changing, amazing experience this was. I know it was a huge upheaval for your family but wow, Angus must have had the time of his life - not to mention the inspiration and emotion and fabulousness of room service. I am really amazed at how much independence the team had while there - really separated from their parents for an extended period of time - and yet, they conducted themselves so well. Such an amazing little gentleman you have!
Ms. G said…
Wow! How exciting this month has been for him. A summer to remember for life for sure : )
Julie said…
ok, the Blue Jays stuff was just the icing on an already iced cake! Is this the last time I will be saying "AWESOME!"?

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