Oh. God.

The EYES in the HAPPY faces are HEARTS. 

Katie (@kmoney375)
Canadian team but let's make sure you see Angus Adams and Jack Walsh. Smiling face with heart-shaped eyesTwo heartsBaseballSmiling face with heart-shaped eyes #llws #heaven pic.twitter.com/CeZ5Xhdl2Y


Nicole said…
Haha! Did you see on twitter after I tweeted their win, that some girls were looking for contact info? "I wanted to show him a picture of us!" I thought, poor Allison! Mother to a boy with groupies! Aieeeeee
Hannah said…
This just made me laugh and laugh.
Ms. G said…
Yeah, My 17 year old asked which one he was, and when he came on she said "Oh" but it was more like O-uH. "How old is he?" Had to disappoint her : )

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