Little League World Series Diary, Day One

So we left early last Wednesday morning.

We were a bit nervous about crossing the border. Not that we ever do anything to be nervous about like smuggle stuff or anything. Are the people that actually do bad stuff nervous crossing the border, or only the people who are innocently crossing the border to watch their kid play baseball? 

Isn't this pretty? And inviting?

It's like they sent us an engraved invitation!

So welcoming!

Well okay, THIS was a little rude.

We may or may not have found ourselves with an illicit Canadian banana. One of the other mothers said she got across and realized she had blueberries. We started calling ourselves the Fruit Salad Bandits.

Ready to cheer her brother on in the Parade of Champions. (Seriously? Seriously)

Mmm. Firemen. 

Marching band. Cool. I don't think I've ever actually seen a marching band up close. They can walk and play music at the same time. I can't even walk and think at the same time without tripping.

Some people threw candy. Which is cool except when you get nailed in the boob with a fastball bubble gum. (Me, not Eve. That's why she's smiling).

Another marching band. Okay, why not.

Cheerleaders! Neat.

And another marching....uh, group of Darth Vader wannabes?

Just to switch it up a little, a RIDING band. I'm guessing they tried marching while playing music and it all went horribly wrong.

Then, A DINOSAUR! Because, T-REXES LOVE BASEBALL....wait.... hee, hilarious visual.

And a giant weiner truck, because who doesn't love a giant weiner truck? 

Yeah. We're two hours in, but THAT'S OKAY, we're STILL PUMPED.

Another goddamned marching band, but at least they're playing accordions and wearing cool outfits.


Dogs in baseball jerseys are insanely cute, and not overly willing to stay still for photo ops.

The team floats were interspersed within all this. Two team floats every eighty or so other floats. There were sixteen teams.

Guess which float ours was on?

Yup. Dead last. 

That's right. The first and only time Eve and I saw Angus that day, after a two-week absence, was on a parade float.

YEAH I know you can't see him in the picture. I was busy LOOKING at him longingly, and I didn't snap it until the front of the float, which he was on, had already gone by. You'll just have to wait until tomorrow, like I did!


Hannah said…
Yay!! I was wondering if you were going to blog about the trip! So exciting.

I was in a marching band in high school - the local volunteer fire department band. The youngest member was about thirteen I think, and the oldest was 75. We had the best time. Marching while playing is not as hard as you think, as long as all you're doing is marching straight ahead.
StephLove said…
I was thinking, "She's never seen a marching band up close? Doesn't she go to 4th of July parades? There are always tons of...Oh, right." But seriously, isn't there some equivalent event in which you stand around every year and watch endless marching bands go by?

I am waging an unsuccessful campaign to get Noah interested in joining a marching band when he's in high school. He looks baffled every time I mention it, as if he's thinking, why would I want to do that?
the queen said…
"Weiner truck?" You ARE from out of town. Doesn't the Weinermobile visit your area?
Sarah McCormack said…
laughing and loving this!!! by the way, Eve is so freaking cute.. beautiful eyes!!

p.s. I never understood the mass appeal of parades.
"Another goddamn marching band" made me laugh so hard.
Nicole said…
The weinermobile! So fun. What an exciting event. We were getting our nexus cards and whole watching the film Jake started to freak out because of not bringing meat across the border. "What if I want a ham sandwich?" Turns out, happy for him, ham is acceptable. Beef and wild game are not.

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