Wordless Wednesday: In Which We Go to Toronto During Pride Week and Eve and Charlotte See Their First Man in Drag


Julie said…
then it was an educational vacation. you're such a good mom.
Nicole said…
I remember seeing MY first man in drag. I was at this Halloween party that a certain very very very conservative politician (well, he wasn't a politican then, but he sure is now!) took me to. It was freaky-deaky. There was a live show with people dressed as babies and also people doing S&M things. Anyhoo, tons of men in drag, which I only realized when one complimented me on my dress.
Jenny said…
This is awesome.
Sasha said…
You have to take me to Toronto. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a man in drag.

Or, well, if I have it must have been high-quality drag.

I feel so... suburban.
StephLove said…
We've only managed to get to Pride with the kids twice. The first time, Noah was 4 and he came away with the career goal of being a man who dnaces on a float in his underwear.

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