Eve is home after a week with my sister, and my sister and her family are here visiting, and I'm happy and exhausted and a little drunk. I don't want it to seem like I'm playing the whole Pride Week in Toronto thing just for gags - it really was an amazing experience. Eve loved seeing all the same-sex couples at our hotel and the only reason my sister didn't want to get in the elevator with four drag queens was because "I just don't look that good in comparison". We didn't even hold it against them when they kept blowing the fuse to my sister's room with their hair dryers, hot rollers, flat irons and steamers.

It's kind of neat how, in Toronto, Pride Week is a family event - it's "come - bring the kids!" Every store window is rainbow-filled - sometimes it's colourful t-shirts, sometimes it's six male mannequins with their jeans around their ankles wearing neon jockey shorts. We were there to see the Wizard of Oz, which was somewhat fortuitous, because, you know....

...over the rainbow and everything.

Before the show we went to a British Pub-style restaurant for dinner. While we were there, my nephew read the dessert menu and Eve said "man. I gotta get me some Big Ben Brownie". So after the show, we went back for dessert. We tried to order four Big Ben Brownies (one for each of the kids, one for me and my sister to share) and the waitress said that would probably kill us, and advised us to get two.

(Charlotte, wishing the damned paparazzi would eff off and let her eat her damned brownie)

It was a BIG Ben Brownie. We asked my brother-in-law for help, but he opted for the fruit crisp. I would have impugned his manhood, but it was Pride Week, and I'm trying to be less of an asshole, so I restrained myself.

The restaurant also had these magnificent Pridealicious Martinis. They were delicious, and rainbow-hued.

We were talking about the martinis today in my mother's living room and my mother said, what was in the martinis that made them so wonderful? And Eve, without missing a beat, made an expansive rainbow gesture with her arms and said rapturously, "gayness"!

To all my gay friends - be proud. And you throw a hell of a party. 


The Maven said…
I'm telling you: Pride in Toronto is on my bucket list. Maybe I'll bring the kids.

And stay at your sister's.

She'd love me. I'm so quiet.
Haven't done Pride in Toronto, but I've been to the Pride Parade in Vancouver and it's pretty fun - though I could have done without the women in the parade screaming at me to "flash my tits" for a gay pride sticker. Alas, I am still without that sticker. But I might have considered it if they were handing out rainbow martinis. It's good to know where the line is.
Nicole said…
That looks awesome. Especially the brownies and booze.
Sasha said…

DH & kids are headed to Winnipeg that week. And I was already plotting an urban caching extravaganza.

Just picturing the look on my MIL's face when he tells her where I've gone in their absence will be worth the price of admission. I'm totally going to send them pictures the WHOLE TIME :)

PS. was also hoping to get to the Fluvog store if you're interested...
Sarah McCormack said…
looks like a blast!! how was the show??
Lynn said…
I feel like I say this to at least half of your posts, but OMG, Eve cracks me up. I would totally pay to have her come over and make a Gayness Rainbow over everything I'm eating. She ROCKS.
clara said…
That martini looks fantastic! And Eve's face staring at it, also fantastic! This year is the first year we've been in town for Pride (august long weekend in Vancouver) and the kids have been portable enough to take to the parade.

One year, way before kids, when I lived and worked in the gay village in Vancouver, I was on a Pride parade float that belonged to a pub that was next door to where I worked. Yes. I did the disco dancing and the waving at people. It was fabulous.
harriet glynn said…
Awesome! All of it. I'm suddenly hungry AND thirsty!
Magpie said…
okay, that picture of the martini - and the child behind it - is fab.
S said…
That sounds like a very good time. Sigh. Nothing like it in my small town. I miss the city.

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