Surly Thursdays

You know what I hate? Those articles in the paper where people outline their diet and fitness habits and then get critiqued by 'experts'. They're almost always people that are goddamned near perfect anyway, and then the experts stomp in and say "that half a muffin you have every two weeks is basically cake - poisoned evil cake," or "okay, you ran twenty-five miles and did weights before you taught that spin class, but when you get off your own bike to correct your students' technique your not getting the full cardio benefits of the workout". I also read about this woman who wanted to lose weight so she "started with baby steps: she started running, kept a food diary and eliminated sugar from her diet". ELIMINATING SUGAR FROM YOUR DIET IS NOT A FUCKING BABY STEP!

Enh, I can't really keep up the surly. I've had wicked insomnia all week and yesterday I woke up with my neck and upper back muscles completely seized and I have my period and the weather is seriously crappy. But it's been an easy week. Tuesday was supposed to be busy, but piano and guitar got cancelled because the teacher was sick and then softball got cancelled because of epic thunder-raininess, so Eve and I stayed home and I got a blog post and an assignment done. Yesterday I visited Baby Rose again. On the way home from our visit last week Eve said "my hands still smell like baby!"

*         *         *

It's very hard to maintain your surliness in the face of tiny fingers and that thing where she seems determined to stretch her face to the absolute boundary of where a face can be stretched.

Last night I had book club. We discussed (rather animatedly) Patti Smith's autobiography, Just Kids. Half of us thought it was wonderful and inspirational and indicative of her intensity and passionate artistry. The other half of us thought it was pretentious and name-droppy and that she could have given some indication that she was aware that a lot of her success was due to simply being in the right place at the right time with the right haircut. I think there's no doubt she had talent and guts (moving to New York with nothing), and I was really interested in reading about her time with Robert Mapplethorpe, and there was definitely a certain voyeuristic thrill in reading a lot of this. I just didn't feel she brought a very keen intelligence or analysis to bear on any of her experiences - it sort of made me think of Homer Simpson saying "it doesn't MEAN anything, it's just a bunch of stuff that happened".

Tonight baseball got cancelled because of yet more heavy rain. Matt and Angus went to see Iron Man 3 with their rare free time. Eve and I watched the season finale of Once Upon a Time. This is Eve's assessment of season finales: "Wah, wah, we're all gonna die! We're all gonna die! Smooch smooch smooch. TOO MUCH KISSING."

It's nice when your ten-year-old daughter can hold up the back end of a Surly Thursday for you.


StephLove said…
Baby toes! No wonder you can't maintain your surly.
Nicole said…
BAY-BEEEEEE!!! Who can be surly with such a sweet little thing around!
Ms. G said…
Tiny tiny toes...Here it comes. You KNOW what just happened in my heart : )
StephLove said…
Went to Starbucks yesterday and got a muffin, but I couldn't eat it without hearing the words "evil, poisoned cake." Thanks, Allison.
Sasha said…
You know what I love? A mother-daughter bookended Surly Thursday. Just sayin.

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