Things that Almost Never Happen when We're Not in Alberta

We hardly ever get to find Easter eggs beside Oligocene cats.

We almost never hike through badlands.

We almost never face the horror of...

An UNINTERPRETED TRAIL!!! (Just imagine! You see a squirrel or a tuft of grass - but WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!)

We almost never climb the inside of a T-Rex...

...and have a picture taken inside its mouth.

We hardly ever stand on a hoodoo.

We almost never pull up to a Buffalo Jump and find my sister-in-law nearly hanging off the snow ledge that sits many many metres above the valley below... order to rescue her son's boot which was trapped in the deep snow on the ledge. (Eve's teacher emailed me the day after we got back and said Eve had been entertaining them all with stories about our trip. When she came home she said she had to yell to be heard over their laughter. I said, what did you tell them about, the airplane? She said, cheerfully, "that, and Timothy almost falling off the cliff!")

We almost never get a picture of, as my brother-in-law calls it 'all the available sizes of human'.

And we almost never pass a car that's stopped on the road facing us with someone's arm waving out the window and say "what the heck is she doing?.......oh".


Mary Lynn said…
That looks like it was an awesome whirlwind of a trip!

Your SIL leaning off that ledge, though! Eeep! She's braver than I would be. I just would've bought the kid a new pair of boots!
StephLove said…
Nice photos. Reminds me a lot of the Western U.S., for obvious reasons. (Beth and I used to be big travelers before kids, now not so much.)
Anonymous said…
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Was the boot lost on the uninterpreted trail?

I actually love the picture of all the available sizes of human. That should be blown up and labeled.
Nicole said…
You were so close to meeeeeee!

My kids love going to the Tyrrell Museum and Drumheller, but we haven't gone for so long... must do this again sometime!
Hannah said…
This makes me want to visit Alberta. Also, the fact that you found the uninterpreted trail so hilarious - as I would - tells me that we'd get along great if we ever meet.

(I'll be snorting about that trail sign for DAYS, likely).
Anonymous said…
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Sarah McCormack said…
great shots, but i am still laughing at the WTF comment left by Anonymous :)
Anonymous said…
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Albertan bunnyslippers said…
The badlands are so, so pretty in the summer, too.

clara said…

Travelling in the winter looks like so much fun I almost want to do it now.

The last time I went to Drumheller was on our great cross-Canada road trip with 4 and 2 year old so as you might expect I've blocked most of it out.

But oh..that ! warning sign just about killed me.
Ms. G said…
No, you would almost never expect to be stuck in a cow jam : 0 It looks like a blast! And you know that 'uninterpreted trail?'If my husband was in a car he would try to drive it. You wouldn't believe where he tried to take my brand new car in the mountains last month.
Pam said…
Awesome! Love the picto-reflections. You could do a travel Alberta ad... maybe.

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