Hello lovely people

So, we flew away.

We had some adventures, we hugged some people, we saw some stuff, we had some laughs.

Right now I am in love with being home. I love my bed, in my bedroom, which is attached to a bathroom that only I use. Right now I'm just enjoying being able to walk around with bottles of liquid - more than 80 millilitres if I feel like it - from room to room or floor to floor or ANY DAMN WHERE I PLEASE. And scissors. I love scissors. And being able to get a drink of water should the whim strike me.

But I miss the people.

And four days of Angus having no access to video games was kind of nice. He's smart! And funny! Who knew? Well I did, but it was nice to have it re-confirmed.

I will tell you some stories about some things that happened. Such as why Eve gets the spirit award. And why my family will be polling members of our future flights on their recent medical experiences.



StephLove said…
Intriguing pictures.

I've been home from our spring break adventures since Saturday but today's the day I get my empty house back (in an hour or so) and I am jittery with impatience. This introvert needs a few hours of peace or she's going to snap at someone.
Julie said…
welcome home. can't wait to hear about the adventures.
Sasha said…
Welcome home! Glad to see you back! And definitely intrigued...
Nicole said…
Can't wait to hear about your adventures but...you were HERE? And I missed you? Wahhhhhh.
Love my jumbo bottles of liquid!
Lynn said…
Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

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