Silver whinings

I am postponing my first 2012 book review post on account of this day sucking beyond all belief. I'm not cranky, just completely unable to marshal my thoughts - as an example, I just stared at the screen for a good half minute trying to remember the word 'marshal', and I'm still not entirely sure it's correct.

First I woke up at 4 a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep. Then Eve came in at five crying and saying she'd been up since one. She had a pretty intense baseball training session on Saturday and then swam for two hours yesterday so I thought maybe she'd gotten overtired, woken up and then gotten herself into a state. I asked her what was keeping her awake. She said she was hot then cold then hot then cold and she felt like her room was full of people, like my brother-in-law and his wife and Timothy and Fen except Fen was still a baby because he was still a baby the last time she saw him, and she was thinking about playing soccer and wondering why someone didn't get the baby off the field and she felt like all those people that weren't there were really disturbing her.

So then I felt her forehead and revised my theory of what was keeping her awake to 'ah, it was probably the 102.6 fever'.

Her fever's been up and down all day. When it's down she's her old self: "You know what I should have said last night? I should have said 'I got more sleep than this on Christmas Eve! Wouldn't that have been clever?'";  "Nobody likes you, Justin Bieber, except everyone!". When it's down she looks awful - bags under her eyes, pale, listless.

Then I had to spend half an hour on hold waiting for tech support for my course, with one obnoxiously loud piano piece playing over and over and over again. Then when I could finally access my course, I realized this course is really not going to play to my strengths. Then the thermometer seemed like it had a low battery but I couldn't figure out how to open the battery compartment until I went on Youtube, where I did find the stupid-ass complicated series of steps I had to go through to make the incredibly simple-looking battery hatch open. Then I realized the battery wasn't low after all. Then I had to get Angus to open the children's Tylenol bottle. Then I ate three mini-croissants with peanut butter, which is going to tank my Weight Watchers points for the day.

BUT this morning when I dropped Angus off at school I then had to drive through the parking lot and make a left turn across a median. There was a long line of cars, and when it was my turn, there was one more car coming that would have made the line of cars too long for me to turn out into. But that was fine, because after him there was no more traffic, so if I waited one more minute it would have been fine to pull out. But he stopped far enough back to let me in.

I've been clinging to that all day. Thanks, anonymous driver dude.


NatteringNic said…
Anonymous driver must have been visiting from another land. Because I am convinced this city is comprised of only the douchebaggiest of douchebag drivers. (You and moi excluded...natch).
Hope Eve feels better pronto...nothing sadder than a sick kiddo.
StephLove said…
I hope Eve is on the mend. We were all sick over and over with different things from Christmas until just a little while ago and I'm still not 100%.
Nicole said…
I love when drivers are courteous. I try to be that way and remember that it can really make someone's day.

Poor Eve! Hope she's better soon!
Amber Strocel said…
Sometimes you have to claim small victories.
I read this earlier in the week and thought "Yeah, dude.". It's so nice when you need someone to be nice and they are.

BTW, my sympathies with Eve. As a fellow sickie, it sucks.
Ms. G said…
I hope Eve is feeling better. Impressed with a left turn into the median. I would have went into a panic : )

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