So much better than Dr. Phil

We had a weird Sunday. We were supposed to go get a Christmas tree, but it was raining so we put it off. Then Angus remembered he had a design and tech project and tried to call the boy whose house the table was being built at and couldn't get hold of him and there was a big freak-out over whether the project was being done without him and he was upset and we were upset and it was a whole big thing. Then we heard from the boy's Mom (who's my friend) and she said they thought Angus was busy with baseball on the week-end so two of the group were building the table and Angus and the fourth person were going to write up the project so it was all fine. Which was good, but obviously there was a lack of organization and clear communication that needed to be rectified, and there were leftover unsettled feelings.

We were coming off a month of Matt traveling a lot and Angus playing a crazy amount of sports and my fun-with-drugs experience. So at five o'clock I called an emergency family movie night with popcorn and ice cream for supper. We watched The Avengers. My lame-o kids demanded apples and carrots on the side. There was laughing and cringing and startling and hulk-smashing.

My son is growing up and out and away from us. That's okay. Generally he's pretty responsible and self-sufficient and doesn't need to be micro-managed. But sometimes we need to pull him back into our sphere for a while. Sometimes that's hard. But sometimes it's not.

I'm telling you - there's almost nothing Joss Whedon doesn't make better.


Julie said…
Joss Whedon is a god.
Ms. G said…
So true, it sounds lovely! I am in a state of desperation here and actually watched a full episode of Advenure Time just to catch some couch time.
Mary Lynn said…
I love that they demanded apples and carrots. What is UP with THAT? Kids are so weird.

Avengers was fab, wasn't it?
My son had a friend over for a playdate the other day and they wanted carrot sticks and cheese for a snack instead of cookies. Well okay, weird children who are so much healthier than me.

I would like my kids to get just a tad older so I can show them Avengers. Loved it.
Hannah said…
The Avengers fixes everything. But not because of Joss Whedon. I'm looking at you, Chris Hemsworth. The kids like him 'cause he's Thor. I like him because he's perfect.
Anonymous said…
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StephLove said…
I wish my 11 year old didn't require micromanagement, but he really does. We are on the verge of trying to get accommodations from the school again even though it didn't work last time.

I have a plan to watch the entire Buffy the Vampire Slayer series over again when my youngest is 13 (seven years hence). Not because I expect both kids to watch it with me (though they're welcome) but because once I start I know I won't want to have to confine viewing to times the kids are out of the house or in bed.
Shan said…
I wish my kids asked for carrots or apples. Yay for family movie night.

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