Wordless Wednesday: Movember (times seven)

The Sheriff

The Bruiser

The Square

The Weasel
The Hero

The Grandpa

The Hollywood


Julie said…
I love Eve's sense of fashion. her outfit reminds me of my grad dress. it had polka dots. and strips. and was black and white. hey, it was 1988!
collette said…
hilarious! you guys must of had a great time taking those!
clara said…
That just made my whole day and it's only 7:13 am so thank you both!
*mental note to get some fake mustaches*
Wrath Of Mom said…
Someday that girl will come out of her shell and stop being so darn shy.

Nicole said…
My preference is the square.
StephLove said…
I like the Grandpa and the Hollywood.

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