Surly Thursdays

I actually had a pretty nice day. I went to the gym - oh wait, no I didn`t, I had a headache and it was snowing so FUCK THE GYM. I made a hair appointment and recorded some cds onto the computer so I could donate them, and then I was all I`m gettin`shit DONE today and then I tried to watch Criminal Minds but it didn`t record because my PVR is all judgey and stupid. So I went to the library to shelve books and then Eve came in and sorted the picture books and ran around the shelves and made fun of silly book titles and it was like when she used to come in after morning junior kindergarten and we`d hang out in the library except it`s a new younger library tech now and she`s less cranky than the old one, who admittedly still was lovely to Eve, and once you hang around the library for a while you see how one could get burned out and short-fused, because man, the kids, they are loud, and you tell them not to run and they walk two steps and start running again as if they think they just turned invisible or you`re too stupid to keep watching or something. And they can`t find the Geronimo Stilton books, or the Guinness World Book of Records books, or the inventions books, and then you lead them right to them and then they decide they`d rather read about lemurs or origami and it`s just all very annoying after a while. This is why I go in late in the day and finish after everyone else is gone and a few teachers are practicing choral music at the piano just outside the library and people are leaving for the day and it`s relaxed and holiday-ish. Angus`s grade six teacher from last year stopped in to say hi on her way out. Eve was very bitter that the teacher talked to me in English and her in French (force of habit). She said ``It`s after school hours - I`M ALLOWED TO TALK ENGLISH``.

I had a random memory today of one of the first times Matt came home with me to my parents`old house. It was summer and we were playing badminton in the back yard and while he was backing up to try to hit, he fell over a planter and knocked out the flowers. I thought my Dad wouldn`t care, but he was actually kind of peeved. Matt and I were both pissed at each other for not falling all over ourselves to take the blame. His position was that my Dad had to like me no matter what. My position was that the guest always got off easier. Looking back I can`t help but think what a couple of whiny suckholes we were. Geez, way to stand up for your woman - your pathetic badminton-playing had some collateral damage, own it, man. Way to stand up for your man - clearly my superior sporting skills were to blame, I should have stepped up. And Dad, Dude, it`s a few petunias - suck it up already.

Also, I was wearing shorts and a sports bra and my boobs were ADORABLE.

NOW I`m surly.


Wrath Of Mom said…
Are your Surly Thursday posts a good way to clear the air in terms of negative emotions or do they entrench the surliness? Not that I mind one way or the other -- I enjoy these posts regardless of how they make you feel. Yes. It is all about me.
Julie said…
i remember adorable boobs! ... :(
StephLove said…
At the beginning of the year I signed up to volunteer in June's class and I never got asked to come. I waver about whether I should inquire again or if I made enough of an effort to consider myself off the hook.

June's in an immersion program, too. Spanish here, half-day. The other half of the day is English.
Petunias cost like a $1 a bunch...I don't want to talk about my boobs. It makes me sad.

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