Surly Thursdays or whatever shut up I've been posting for twenty-one days straight

I'm cranky. No-good-reason, hair-trigger, don't-fuck-with-me cranky. Is it just me, or are some times just more difficult to fix in the mind than others? Eve has singing lessons at 6:30 on Wednesday evenings, but for some reason I always think it's six. I have dinner ready and remind her to brush her teeth, and we're ready to leave, and then I realize it's not until six-thirty, and we live about four seconds away from her teacher, so we're way too early. Except tonight the teacher wanted to do it at six, and all day I've been confused because I'm actually right, but then I'm not usually right, so am I really right? Then Eve came home with a sore throat and a fever and it didn't matter anyway, so FUCK.

Also, fuck the fucking people with their insisting on being served a fucking meal every fucking night. I'm sick of cooking the same four things over and over, and when I try something different why on earth is it a meatloaf with oats and milk in it? And why did I buy not enough ground beef and forget to reduce the other ingredients accordingly so it turns out a barely loaf-shaped mushy oat-y mess? Actually everyone else ate it quite happily (once I buried it under a blanket of melted cheese), but I thought it was icky. My husband was a fan of the idea of meat loaf, and suggested that next time I just try adding a little more... meat. So fine, but FUCK.

You know what would be really different? If someone on a TV show went through something traumatic and then said "Wow. You know, that car accident/ watching my partner get murdered/ war really messed me up. I probably shouldn't be trying to perform any complicated or stressful tasks right now, and I think it would be really good for me to talk to some kind of professional". Because it's really not original anymore, the whole "I'm fine! I'm fine! I'm totally good being a policeman or doctor or whatever and then AFTER I do something unbelievably reckless and disastrous consequences occur, won't it be a heartwarming dénouement when I finally walk into that psychiatrist's office?" It's old. It's tired. It's annoying.

To cap it all off, I left a comment today in which I used 'they're' instead of 'their'. FUCK.

I'm going to bed. Or out for a cheeseburger. I might bitch-slap someone denying their PTSD on the way.


Mary Lynn said…
My meatloaves almost always fall apart. I'll have to try the melted cheese on top trick. Everything's better with melted cheese.

Hope Eve's feeling better soon.
Sasha said…
Oh god. You switched 'they're' & 'their'? You know there all laughing at you out their now, right???

Seriously though? I'd go ask the blogger to fix it for you. And while I'm here, can you erase that comment of mine where I called someone a nut job? Still feel like a total asshat over that one.
Magpie said…
Oh, yeah. I am In A Mood. Biting heads off left and right. Grr.
Wrath Of Mom said…
Fortunately you confused their and they're on my blog, which is so rife with typos and effed up homonyms no one is going to notice.

I too am tired of tv shows where the main character is traumatized and struggling with serious personal issues BUT is also at the top of their profession. One of the reasons I like Castle is that the main character is mentally healthy, unlike the lead characters in House, Sherlock, Lie To Me, Leverage, Breaking Bad, Damages, Homeland, Dexter, aaaaaaaaaaand I think I've made my point.
Lynn said…
WORD. I'm right there with you. Yesterday I MAY have told one of the children to shove something up their ass. You didn't hear it from me.

Lately I have been really pissed off at Elementary, which is my new favourite show, and the way they are constantly bringing each other coffee that is clearly empty. Poor Lucy Liu always has to open her cup and add "sugar" to her "coffee" and then "stir" when you can see halfway into the cup and it's clearly empty, and her stirring motion is completely friction free. TOTALLY DISTRACTING, WHAT UP TV PEOPLE, CAN YOU NOT SPRING FOR SOME ACTUAL COFFEE?

What is UP with the world? They are all stupids.

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