I should go back and read last November's posts to see if I felt as disenchanted and resentful at this point as I do right now. Posting every day? Craziness! How is this a good idea?! What the hell was I thinking!? Would anyone notice if I stopped? Wouldn't everyone just be kind of relieved?

While I'm waffling, a couple of amusing anecdotes about testicles:

When I was living in Toronto, my parents were visiting and we were sitting out back drinking beer. The cat belonging to the people who lived in the basement was frolicking around and my dad, who loves cats, was playing with it. After it went back inside, someone asked if it was a male or female. My dad said it was a female. I said I was sure I had heard them say it was a male. He said it had rolled over and he had seen it didn't have testicles. I said maybe it was just fixed. He got very indignant and said "well I'm fixed and I still have mine!" And that was when we all realized my father didn't know that male animals didn't just get vasectomies when they got fixed.

This reminded me of when I was playing Trivial Pursuit with my friend Kim and there was a question about an American President (I think it was Lyndon Johnson) who was 'publicly castigated' for pulling his dog's ears in public. I read Kim the question and her eyes got huge and she said "they chopped his DICK off?"

And she wasn't my dumbest friend.


Sasha said…
HA! Well, for the record, I didn't know how animal fixing worked either. My first cat, Mischief, swallowed several metres of thread about a week before he was due to be fixed. They were supposed to fix him while he was out for surgery, but I guess 11 incisions into the intestines later they probably didn't have time. But nobody told me this. So 3 months later, when I brought him in for declaw the vet tech looked at me like I was crazy when I assured her he was fixed. Because that cat was HUNG.

And also? I'm glad you're writing every day. So there. I only found my way back into the blogoshpere a couple of weeks ago - and is it just me or is it really quiet around here???
Wrath Of Mom said…
We had our male cat neutered in January. I believe the technical term for this is a Furry Ball-ectomy. Or maybe it's not the TECHNICAL term, but it's completely accurate. And boy were they BIG.
Anonymous said…
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Hannah said…
BWAH HA HA HA!! Thanks for the laugh on a dark & rainy Saturday.
Bunnyslippers said…
Hah! When our cats were kittens my husband declared that the SPCA made a mistake when they said our tabby was a male. His reasoning? The tabby had nipples and "boys don't have nipples". I still mock him for that.

Not sure how I got to your blog, but I'm happy you're here. :)
StephLove said…
I think you are trying to recapture the condom glory here. Nablahpomo is bringing sexy back.
I read this post days ago but my phone rejects commenting on Blogger and I was too lazy to turn my computer on. I recall laughing at the expense of your poor father. Is it wrong, that I wouldn't mind if they actually did remove the whole shebang when they did fix humans? Hairy balls kinda ick me out.

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