More About Condoms!

Okay, that's a total lie, but clearly that's what you filthy-minded people respond to - don't hate the player, hate the game.

I'm heading out for World Trivia Night shortly to fill my valuable position anchoring our team. And by anchoring I mean I'm dead weight. Seriously, I don't even know why they let me keep coming.

I'm hoping to post again before midnight, but if I don't get a chance you could do worse than to read this and this. One of these women I know nothing about, and one I heard read at Voices of the Year at BlogHer in August, but when I saw the letters this morning I thought to myself that if I did nothing but read these today it would still have been a great day.


Wrath Of Mom said…
TAFT! The answer to any trivia question about an American President is TAFT! Any question about a famous newsperson? Edward R. Murrow. Good luck!

(I have never won a trivia contest, so feel free to ignore this)
Leanne said…
Me too! I hate being the dead weight though, I always feel like I know NOTHING. Which is probably true but it's sad to have it pointed out repeatedly... :) Enjoy!
Condom tease! And I will always be jealous about you getting to go to Trivia Night.
Nicole said…
I came here for the condoms. You have sorely disappointed.
Lynn said…
You joke, but I can name at least five questions that we only got because you were there. You ROCKED it, lady. Kurt Vonnegut Jr. would be so proud of you.
StephLove said…
In re the open letter: That is how it feels, like the whole state is voting on your personal worth and the worth of your marriage. Which makes it nice to finally win, though the defeats that preceded the win in MD (and elsewhere) did sting. The enthusiasm of my straight friends throughout the whole campaign and their exuberance when we won was very sustaining and moving. So many straight married people I know seemed to see it as their fight, too.

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