I'm not really here

I'm at my friend Collette's Dad's cottage with six other women, drinking and eating red curry sweet potato soup and seafood fondue and giant Costco muffins and playing no-holds-barred full-contact Cranium. What I have learned from playing Cranium: it's really really hard to figure out what a song is from hearing it hummed, even if you're very musical; almost anything one molds with playdough can be construed to be something obscene; the word 'nubile' does not mean what I thought it did; spelling words backwards is much more difficult than it seems like it should be; Collette is a hugely obnoxious douchebag when she wins.


Wrath Of Mom said…
I checked. Nubile: ready or suitable for marriage by virtue of age or maturity Now I am curious as to what you thought it meant.

Have fun.
collette said…
same when she loses too.

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