I do not know what to blog about tonight

Or perhaps it's more accurate to say I don't really feel like blogging about anything substantial tonight. I'm tired, but tired because I've done stuff and not just too tired to do stuff, so that's good. Matt had a surprise trip to Texas come up, which spoils my evil plan for him taking the kids to get their flu shots at the nearby high school on Thursday while I go to my interview with Eve's teacher and then volunteer for the book fair all evening.

I took the kids out for dinner while our cleaning lady was here, and my parents came. It was nice. Our waiter was funny and my Dad is always funny with waiters, so it's terrible if the waiter has no sense of humour. Angus told us about playing dodgeball against the teachers and said his volleyball coach always fired the ball at him and all the other teachers said they were going to test him for steroids. Eve had spaghetti and french fries and cheese toast, so I guess I'll make her run a marathon before bed. On the way home Angus said "when I move out I want to live somewhere that has pillars." Um, okay.

I am going to make lunches and put my kids to bed and finish this book.


Wrath Of Mom said…
Blog about your wedding. I love wedding blogs. Well. No. I don't love reading blogs by people who are planning their weddings, because I can't be bothered to care all that much about the minutae of table settings. But I do enjoy reading about people's memories or opinions about their own weddings AFTER the fact.

Who doesn't want to live in a house with pillars? They are majestic.
I'd like to warp back to being Eve's age where I can get away with eating spaghetti and french fries and cheese bread for dinner.

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