Four Days More

Oh! I was just typing that to console myself that I only have to post every day for four more days, but it made me think of this, have you seen this? Okay, most of you are Facebook friends with me so you probably have, but if you haven't, it's very, very funny.

We went to Yuk Yuks on Saturday night with (counts in head) seven other couples. We did the dinner and show thing because you get preferred seating if you do this. After we did it, we realized we probably shouldn't have, because the food is pretty much as indifferent as you'd expect and then you get to sit NICE AND CLOSE to people who are going to notice if you're not paying attention and will probably ridicule you in front of a full house if they get the chance.

Anyway, it was funny. I was expecting to be doing quite a bit of polite laughing because I always feel bad if I don't laugh when someone's trying to be funny, but they were actually funny. I would put a clip of one of them from Youtube that I found on here, but the two clips I looked at were really kind of stupid, so he was having an off day or it was early in his career or something, and if I put it up I'm worried that you'll just feel sorry for me for thinking this dramatically unfunny person was funny, or suspect that it was the gin prompting my amusement and not the comedian, which screw you, he was funny, he liked raccoons and panthers that ate people, and he made fun of people who try to make smoking weed and dildos better and IT WAS FUNNY.

I took the van in to get an oil change today. Pam came with me. I was anxious, so she parked her car in the parking lot so she would be with me while I drove into the Express Lube lane. This is one of the many reasons I love Pam.

I'm tired. I'm going to make breakfast smoothies and lunches and try to remember which book I'm reading.


Wrath Of Mom said…
I don't think I would enjoy going to a comedy club. I feel badly for auctioneers who don't get their opening bid met. This might be an argument in favour of serving gin at auctions.

That video was hysterical.
Sasha said…
I'm already laughing at the video and I haven't even heard the sound track yet (no headphones at work).

Hm, maybe you should post those other vids, clearly it doesn't take much to make some of us laugh.

I got heckled by a comedian once, we were stuck at the front because the friends we were with said, "yeah sure!" when offered front row seats, not realizing what they were letting themselves in for. Anyhow, it was for giving him a half-hearted laugh. I was tempted to tell him that if he wanted, I could just let loose and puke all over his shoes at the same time (I was pregnant, nauseated, and cranky). Now wouldn't THAT have been funny?

Well, *I* would have laughed.
Hannah said…
I don't think we even *know* seven other couples. Thank goodness I was still snickering at the video or that could have been awkward.
Nicole said…
I think I went to a comedy club once. Generally they start too late for me to be conscious enough to go see a performance.
Finola said…
I'm going to miss your daily posting. I haven't commented as much as I meant to, but I have been cheering you on every day.
I think you make me laugh more than any stand-up comic. Yay you!
I haven't been to a comedy club for many years. From my recollection it was a little like watching my 6 year old try to be funny for an hour.

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