Anecdotal EVEdence

The other day my husband called me at home to tell me about what happened while he was driving Eve to school. She was talking about a series of books they were reading about a boy named Marcus. Everybody had noticed that Marcus's dad never showed up for things at school, like a play he was in, and nobody knew why. Then, Eve said, the book they were reading the previous day revealed that Marcus's dad didn't show up "because he was drunk". It was so unexpected and she said it so matter-of-factly that it caught my husband totally off guard and he burst out laughing. And then couldn't stop laughing. And laughed until he had to pull the car over. He wanted to tell me in case Eve mentioned it. Which she did, as soon as she got home. She said "Daddy laughed so much I thought there was something wrong with him."

Today Eve crawled into bed to snuggle in the morning. She has this habit of recounting the entire plots and dialogue of tv shows that drives me crazy. Today she was talking about Jessie, a show I found mildly amusing until I saw the same four episodes twelve hundred times. At least this was a new episode, so I let Eve babble on for a bit. She was talking about Jessie (the nanny) was supposed to decorate the apartment for a celebration of the day that one of the children was adopted. She decorates badly and then says "oh no, when Zuri sees it she's going to go like this" (makes an odd face) and the brother of the girl says "she's going to look constipated?" and Jessie says "no! That's my sad face. Now I understand why my drama teacher gave me a D." Pause. "And those bran muffins". And then I laughed so hard that Eve said it reminded her of Daddy laughing at Marcus's drunk dad.

What can I say? The girl has timing.


StephLove said…
Noah is so severely literal that I can't always tell when he's joking or when he's genuinely puzzled by the world. I have to look at his face for that tiny smile, which tends to crack me up more when I realize yes it was a joke.
Lynn said…
Eve is seriously hilarious. She would totally become famous if you'd let her have a YouTube channel. Next time my kids are bugging me I'm switching with you for a day.

In other news, I can sing the entire Jesse theme song. They took a chance on the new girl in town! and I don't want to let them down down down! Hey Jesse!

Apologies for the earworm. Do you remember when we were young and could only watch kids shows on Saturday morning and there were like, five of them? Now my kids have 15 different titles they record regularly and can watch any number of things at any given time of the day. Our "Kids" listings setup is like, 15 channels. SHEESH.
Nicole said…
I've never heard of that show. Eve is so funny!
clara said…
I just cracked up right along with your husband at the Because his dad is drunk line. Oh yeesh. EVE. YOU RULE.

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