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Should blog. Don't feel like blogging. Anybody want to blog for me?

I just spent half an hour noodling around on the internet trying to find the title and/or author of a book I read that I really liked, so I could check if the author had anything more recent. I realized, as I was googling, that all I can really remember is that the main character was an alcoholic female police detective. I can't remember what the mystery was or even what the setting was - Hawaii, maybe? So perhaps, in the event that I do remember which book it is, I should just reread that book instead of looking for a new one. In related news, I am not going to divest myself of the hundreds of books in my house and just keep a dozen or so, on the assumption that, by the time I work my way through all of them, I will have forgotten enough about the first one that it will then be new to me again.

Matt is telling us about wandering around a park in Tokyo where they have designated spots in which you are allowed to be homeless. Also, giant spiders. And baseball practices that are run like young offenders camps. Then he said something about Buddhists and Angus said "are Buddhists those people who pray?"

I keep typing sentences and erasing them, while mentally enumerating all the posts I have planned on writing that have not been written. The one about the fairy who lived in Eve's headboard. The one about the kids switching rooms, with pictures. The one about seeing the Wailin' Jennys in concert. The one about last weekend in Montreal which was AWESOME and the post should write its goddamned self, and yet it DOES NOT. The good news is, tomorrow I go to visit Zarah for the week-end, and she will indubitably give me a good talking-to, whereupon I will return to blogging refreshed and re-inspired. Or just afraid to risk the consequences.

The kids were talking about shaving the other day, and Angus said "Does Daddy shave every day?" and I said usually, but definitely when he goes to work, whereupon Eve said "well yeah, he has to shave for his report card." Then later she said she thought her junior kindergarten teacher, who was also Angus's junior kindergarten teacher, had switched classrooms. This surprised me, since Catherine has had the same room for the seven years I've had kids at the school (jesus christ, I've had kids at school for SEVEN FUCKING YEARS?) and it's an awesome room. I asked Eve why she thought that and she said "well, I saw her coming out of a different room", and I gave her a perplexed look, and she said penitently, "this is how rumours get started, isn't it?"

I hate this post. I hate being stuck. I hate that stupid fucking caramel apple bagel commercial.


Lynn said…
I am stuck, too. This has hardly ever happened to me, but I find I am at a writing loss. I'm really hoping that I find Blissdom to be invigorating (but mostly I expect to just come away with a feeling of why-do-I-bother because I am rooming with Kim, and her writing is so gorgeous it makes me want to puke).

What we need is to go out and have outrageous! adventures! and then take a lot of drunken pictures and lo, posts will HAVE to come out of us. No?
StephLove said…
I hate feeling stuck, too, not just with writing, but more broadly, and that's how I've felt off and on since spring. This has been a good week, though, so I'm grateful for that.

My mom gave me a box of paperback mysteries a couple months ago, books that I read when I was a teenager that were still in her house. I discovered one in there I'd read just about a year ago, with no awareness that I'd ever read it before in life. So I started another one and again, it's like I never read it.
Julie said…
you were in Montreal for a weekend and you haven't written about it yet? Whoa! You must really be stuck. I mean, come on! It was Montreal. With girl friends!

What am I talking about. I've been stuck since July 2011. I really should close my blog down. How does one go about doing that?

No, you aren't allowed to do that, so don't you go looking into that. I said no. No. Stop it.

Hmm, wish I had some blog fodder for you. Hopefully Zarah is more inspiring. What am I saying. I've met her, and she is definitely more inspiring. So go, and be inpired and come back to blog to us.

OK, shutting up now. Happy travels.
Nicole said…
You don't live here (although you really should, it's not hot here) but there is a local plumber called "Pete the Plumber". His commercials are epically bad. He has this little dog in all the commercials. In one of them, Pete and his dog are in a bubble bath, wearing matching bath caps. In another, he is discussing high-powered flush toilets and then says "What happened to the dog?" There is one where a bunch of girls go take a shower and his lame assistants start taking off their shirts to join them. Much better than that caramel apple bagel commercial.
ERINJK said…
I remember trips into Tokyo when we'd drive by the river side and all the little blue tents were set up throughout the park. It was quite strange the first time I saw them, once I found out what they were, I was quite sad.
Can't say I've seen the caramel apple commercial but I know we have a few out west that would drive you crazy!! lol
clara said…
Caramel apple bagels. I have no TV so when I wandered into a Timmmmmmmmmies last week I was surprised to see that such a thing exists. People! The shop is full of doughnuts. If you want a doughnut, order a fucking doughnut.

I did not say.

May the magical ZARAH either unstick you or make it so you're not bothered by it anymore. I've been there. It sucks. It sucks worse than bad commercials. ALthough I am going to see if I can find some of Nicole's Pete the Plumber and his little dog. We had a guy out here who owned a furniture store .. Dodd's .. and he did his own commercials where he dressed up as people and hollered at the camera and then at the end in his thick South Asian accent he would say "WE WON'T BE UNDERSOLD!" and it was comedy gold baby. GOLD.

clara said…
Here. Dodd's Furniture guy.
I wouldn't say I'm stuck since I haven't even tried to blog a real post (and not a review) for a couple of weeks. At least you're doing something!
Hannah said…
It's like you're inside my head because yes, stuck. STUCK STUCK STUCK. Sympathy.
I'm not usually one to speak up with the obnoxious silver lining, but at least you wrote anyway! I'm pretty sure you have to get posts like these (which are painful to write) out of the way before you can get back in the groove.

If it's any consolation, the absolute randomness of this post made me giggle. And your daughter is wise to understand her part in the rumor mill so young. So there's that.

Good luck getting out of the funk.
Amber Strocel said…
Sorry your stuck.

On the googling authors front, I bought this book for Hannah that was clearly meant to be the first in a series. It was good. I tried to find the next one, and it turns out the author DIED after finishing the first one. All hopes are dashed of every getting closure. I'm sure she didn't mean to leave us hanging, but I can't stop feeling a little peeved I'll never get any answers all the same.
Natteringnic said…
Apple anything...*shiver*. I hate apples...
Somehow the caramel apple bagel commercial has missed me...I shall give my PVR a hug for making such things possible.

Ruts are the worst. I vowed to keep a lined notebook in my purse to jot down blog topics when I think of them but am unable to sit down and write them. That lasted for 3 weeks...that poor notebook couldn't handle the clusterf*ck that is the inside of my purse.

Mental note: write about why I hate apples.

Mental note for you: write about the insane blogger who muddied up your comments section ranting about her hatred for apples.

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