Mental Snapshots from Thanksgiving Week-end (Because I Forgot the Camera)

1) A stand of sparkling silver birches behind a lower tier of red sumac on the side of the highway.

2) The flyers distributed by the kids for their nightly show in the attic: the "unvaling" of Eve and Charlotte's music video stylings, a news "brodcast", and a play about the Emperor of Japan and the Queen of England having tea together.

3) My Dad, slumped awkwardly on the futon in the attic before the show, saying "this isn't comfortable at all. I want a better seat next time".

4) My niece Charlotte in a top hat with her hair tied under her chin, being Abraham Lincoln.

5) Eve dressed in a magician's costume, trying to produce a rabbit from a hat but producing french fries instead, saying "I'm a little embarrassed now. For my next trick, I will make a little girl disappear" and running away.

6) My nephew Jonah sitting upright in a chair with a brown fuzzy blanket wrapped around him, fast asleep in front of the baseball game.

7) The Martha-Stewart-calibre turkey that my sister's brand new Electrolux produced with its 'perfect turkey' setting, even though we mocked it and distrusted it and second-guessed it with a second meat thermometer. We had to change our tune when it reached the perfect temperature and automatically switched to 'keep warm'. All we had to do was stand in the kitchen and drink wine.

8) Angus grabbing Eve's water glass and chugging it, then saying "I don't always steal water, but when I do, it's Evie's".

9) Freaky moment on the drive home when I looked over at the opposite side of the 401 and had the impression that every single car was a black or gray version of the same mid-sized model. I felt like I was in a commercial.

10) My dear-sweet-god-at-the-end-of-fourteen-hours-of-driving-in-four-days HOME.


Wrath Of Mom said…
Your thanksgiving sounds like a blast. I'm more than a little jealous.
Hannah said…
Your Thanksgiving sounds nice and all but I am HUNG RIGHT UP on that stove. It has a 'perfect turkey' setting?? WHY DO I NOT HAVE THIS STOVE?
Nicole said…
Eve's magic trick sounds awesome. What a girl.

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a setting like that for everything?
Amber Strocel said…
Tell your dad that if he wanted a better seat, he should have paid for it. ;)
StephLove said…
Welcome home. I guess you know better than to mock household appliances now.
Kim said…
Because I'm seeing you tomorrow and because I am a slack-ass blog reader who gets a month behind, I am reading tonight to catch up with you--all the outstanding posts left in my reader. Way to be subtle, right?

Anyway--I love how this worked out. When I walk away from a holiday or a big event, it's always little moments like this that stay in my memory instead of a cohesive whole. Also, I really want this stove, somethin' fierce.

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