Watching and Walking

I'm tired. I'm really freaking tired. I'm really freaking tired about whining about being really freaking tired. I guess it's not surprising, since it's been reliably established that I probably haven't had a good night's sleep for about thirty years.

The boys went to Oakville for a week-end baseball tournament. They got to play about an inning and a half and the rest got rained out. But they went to see a Blue Jays game AND stayed in a hotel AND took the Go-Train into Toronto for the game, and friends, I can't even tell which of those was tops in Angus's book, but it's safe to say his week-end was not ruined by the lack of actual baseball playing.

Eve and I went to see Brave with a couple of her friends, which I thought was awesome; Eve agreed, though predictably she leads every conversation about it with 'all the naked butts'. Then we watched Charlie St. Cloud which I'd gotten from the library since she'd been asking to see it. It was kind of cheesy but Zac Efron was less hammy and Troy-ish than I expected. She told me to "FAST-FORWARD" through the (very discreet) sex scene and said I could return it after a single viewing, although she'd said she was going to watch it thirty times before we actually watched it. We also watched Sydney White on Netflix, which was so much better than I thought it would be - it's a Snow White story played out over the college Greek system, and the seven dorks are fantastic. Eve kept giggling and saying 'best movie ever!' every time George (Happy, we think) was in a scene. Also, I realized I can never name all seven dwarves (dwarfs?) at once, I always leave one off, but then I can't figure out if it's always the same one or not.

On Saturday Eve and I walked over to the drug store and the grocery store to pick up a prescription and get a few ingredients to make empanadas. Eve is just starting to know where things are in relation to our house, which is terribly exciting for her. While Angus is focused on The Quickie Mart to the north, and its promise of giant slushies, Eve is already looking south to Starbucks. When I showed her that we can walk in front of our neighbour's house and up onto the grass beside the main road and actually see Shoppers Drug Mart, she was speechless with excitement.

It was fun. We wandered around picking stuff up, she was suitably sympathetic when there was no chili powder (she spun a whole theoretical speech she would give if this was a few years from now and I had sent her on her own - "oh mother, I am so dearly sorry, I hope this was not the main ingredient for dinner tonight because sadly, there was NO CHILI POWDER").

I thought of this Swistle post, and since I can't give blood due to the effervescent sparkling drug cocktail that is my blood, we picked up one of those seven-dollar bags of staples for the food bank, so yay, a little justifying my existence in with the mother-daughter outing. Then we came home and made empanadas together. Well, we started, and then she took off with her friend from next door and came home just in time to brush on the egg before they went into the oven. It was good enough.


Shan said…
This is pretty much perfect. Also I want some empanadas.
Anonymous said…
How can they not have any chili powder?! Its a grocery store?! -head explodes-
Lynn said…
I just kind of adore this post. It's the perfect meandering slice of life that means life is good and you're making good memories. LOVE.

PS: What are empanadas?
Nicole said…
I was just wondering how a place runs out of chili powder? It's not like a weird and completely off-the-wall ingredient, like say, nutritional yeast or yogurt made from almond milk.
Ms. G said…
I seriously believe there is a chili powder convinced involving the entire continent.
I'm dying to see Brave. My Mid & Lit saw it separately and both sent me an "I Love You" text afterward, but they won't tell me why!
clara said…
This post made me tear up. Really! And not just because I spent the day at a water park and then two hours in traffic and I am FRIED, friend, FRIED. No. Because it's just normal slice-of-life stuff with a grocery store trip and sweet daughter mother moments and also delicious food.

Also, quite often my local grocery runs out of garlic powder and WTF local grocery. I mean, there were months when there wasn't any. Garlic powder. I am going to start a spice factory in my next life. I'll be a quadrillionaire!

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