What day is it?

Driving back from a tournament baseball game in Perth on Friday night, Angus made some comment about not being able to figure something out because he was too dumb from being out of school for so long. Then we realized we had no idea how long he had been out of school. Then we figured it out and were both stunned to realize it had only been EIGHT DAYS, when it's felt like a month already.

Last day of school was Thursday. Saturday, Eve and I drove to my sister's in southern Ontario. Sunday, we went out to my brother-in-law's sister's farm for swimming, barbecue and fireworks. Monday, Eve started theatre camp with her cousins, pronouncing it seven kinds of awesome (which, from what we could see when we got there to pick them up, it really is). Monday night we took the kids swimming to the equally awesome community pool. Tuesday I drove back to Ottawa and our central air kicked the bucket. Wednesday I slept and sweated. Thursday I spent the afternoon at the sleep clinic at the Royal Ottawa Hospital and met with a psychiatrist/sleep specialist who was really nice. Friday our air conditioning got fixed and we went to Perth for baseball. Angus's team is doing double practices every non-game day and single practices on game day, which means five hours of baseball per day at least. And it's hot.

Then there's this goddamned anti-depressant that is so desperate to stay in my system that the withdrawal systems are vicious and unrelenting. I keep trying to give it a couple of days, but that's not enough, and then I have to take it because I can't drive with my head spinning and the odd lightning-bolt pain crashing into my skull and random stomach upsets. My sister, the pharmacist, said just go ahead and take it every other day, or every three days, for a while, which is sensible advice, but I don't want to. It feels like continuing a relationship with an abusive lover, and I hate not knowing when I can be rid of it forever. I want it out. I want it gone.

I kissed Eve good-bye on Tuesday morning and she didn't call until Friday night. I can only conclude that she is managing this brief separation quite a bit better than I am. Of course, she adores my sister, and her older girl cousin, and the swimming pool, and she's basically immersed in drama all day long, so DUH.

Also, I have two giant zits that seem to have settled in for the duration. Awesome. Did I mention I'm forty-two fucking years old? I mean, come ON.

I think, on the whole, that Jennifer Lawrence looks better as a blonde.


I lose track of days over the course of an average weekend....
alison said…
It's not fair that we get wrinkles AND zits. The Universe should pick one or the other. It's just insult to injury.
Nicole said…
Do NOT talk to me about pimples. I am going to be pimple-free when I'm eighty. If that is my expectation, then maybe I won't be constantly disappointed by my crappy, crappy skin. I have just gone (mostly) dairy free in hopes that this will help, and so far, it has. And yet the flip side of that is that I am not consuming cheese. I don't know how to weigh this: cheese versus acne. God, I miss cheese.

Re: the antidepressant. I don't know anything about this but the advice your sister gave you is sound. It might take longer to get out of your system that way, but you have to be able to function in life, right? And so maybe, maybe, it will just take a bit longer? Maybe every three days then maybe every four? I don't know. I'm talking out of my ass here. I just want you to be happy, because you're my dear friend.
Lynn said…
Ugh, totally hear you about the zits. I don't recall Caroline Ingalls ever having to deal with adult acne in the Little House books. What am I doing wrong? GAH.

As for the summer, man, it is FLYING by. I can't believe it's only been a little over a week since school got out. We've done so much already, and yet, so much more to do, and so little time! I love summer :).
StephLove said…
I'm 45 am breaking out a lot more. I think it might be perimenopause. I have no support for this position, just a hunch.

We had no power for 4 days last week, during a heat wave. Fun times.

Good luck ditching the antidepressant, however you end up doing it.
I was just saying the same thing to my husband this morning "Why the heck do I have pimples NOW, when I'm 40?" Although I suppose I am better equipped to deal with them now than a teenager!

As for the anti-depressant withdrawal ... please be careful! For most meds you really need to withdrawal slowly. Your doc can give you advice specific to your specific meds since some are more difficult than others. Not trying to preach - just trying to be helpful and encourage you to go at it the "slow and sure" way.
Sasha said…
Oh HUGS! Take it easy on yourself with the pills, ok? And listen to your sister :P. I totally get wanting to just kick the bastard out, but pretend you're surreptitiously maxing out his credit card while you inch him towards the door: it will be SOOOO much more fun slamming it in his face when he gets there :).

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