What Day Is It - Extreme Edition

So here I am, in mild panic-mode, because Zarah and the kids left on Saturday and I only have three days to do all the laundry, finish my 40% assignment for my course and pack before leaving for New York on Wednesday - in addition to provisioning my baseball-preoccupied menfolk and making sure Eve has rides to and from drama camp and my Mom will help her with a costume for Friday if necessary. And my father-in-law showed up tonight for a spur-of-the-moment visit from Thunder Bay to see Angus's team play in Provincials.

So I'm making curried chicken, way too late because I decided to work out as well as getting groceries and by the time I put away the groceries and unloaded the dishwasher it was too late for regular supper. The chicken smells a bit weird. I can't decide if it's off or just needs a rinse and will be fine with lime juice and curry powder in the mix. I look at the date on the package. It seems like we're a couple of days before the best before date, but then I start to get confused, because how can I be leaving on July 25th and coming back on August 5th and only be there for four nights? So now I'm thinking the chicken is WAY past its best-by date, and I'm also feeling deeply disoriented about where in July we actually are. So I ask my father-in-law and the kids what date it is and get three different answers. I look at the calendar, but that doesn't help because I know what DAY it is, just not what WEEK. I look at the phone.

I realize I'm not actually leaving for New York until a week from Wednesday.

I feel like a total and complete jackass.

I'm also giddy with the unlooked-for joys of SEVEN WHOLE EXTRA DAYS.

Then I go back to feeling like a jackass.

I call my Mom to confess my jackassery. She says "so it's after the long weekend?". I say "no, it's ON the long week-end". She says "Well that's this week-end!". I start to see where I might get this from.

My husband was also totally on board with me leaving this Wednesday, even though he booked my flights for me.

It's not really working. Still feeling really dumb.

Oh well. My assignment's done early, and I didn't actually iron anything. So it's all good.

Wait - BlogHer isn't actually until next week-end, right?


Sasha said…
BAHAHAHA! I had a conversation like that once - sort of. I was a day off instead of a week, but in the wrong direction. Fortunately, the person I was talking to DID know what he was talking about, and I consequently showed up at the airport the day my overnight flight for Germany was LEAVING, instead of the day it was ARRIVING.
Nicole said…
The long weekend seems late this year, since August 1st is a Wednesday - maybe that's part of it?
Maggie said…
I'm embarrassed to admit how often this happens to me. Just this month we had July 4 off and it was a Wednesday. I spent the following Thursday convinced it was Monday. Forgot to pick up our farm share (which we do every Thursday), forgot to pack workout gear or go to my Thursday workout class. It was like I could not process the fact that after a day off it's not always Monday.
clara said…

Dude. I know the feeling. And reading over your past eleventy posts, it sounds like there's been enough going on to justify a little confusion.
Magpie said…
Wait. You're coming here? To BlogHer? How did I not know that? Can't wait to meet you.
NatteringNic said…
*scratches head* Wait...who's on first?
Sandra said…
Oh I am SOOO envious of you!!!! You get to go to BlogHer! Is it your first one? I'm going to ShesConnected in October. I don't image you're going to that one, are you? I would totally sit on your lap...I mean sit with you....writing this comment, but deep in my gut, I'm trying so hard to hold down my envy! GAH! Have fun!
Ms. G said…
Wait...when are you going..what day is this? You're going to Blogher? Where the hell have I been?
Busy Bee Suz said…
OMG. I've done something similar with holidays; totally thought I lost a week when in reality, I gained a week before a big holiday!
Funny how your Mom is also confused about the dates/days of the week--you come by it honestly!

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