Fun thing: I'm having lunch with Patti and Kim tomorrow, before heading to Oakville to have dinner with my friend Elaine before heading back to London to collect my daughter, who has only called me ONCE, and only because my sister MADE her. Can I just say that this 'having confident, independent children' thing is ASS? Also, I was trying to remember the name of Kim's blog today so I could email her to confirm for lunch, and I knew it was a cool play on a word that started with Im but for the blog it started with Kim, and all I could think of was this.

(It's Kimperative. I love that. Don't you love that? I should change my name).

Not-so-fun thing: The unholy godforsaken demon-gassing stench emanating from my son's baseball socks. Good Christ, will no one save us from this appalling reek? The minute he gets home he has to take them off and put them in the laundry room and rinse his feet off if he's not showering immediately. The other day someone on Twitter wrote "when people write 'words cannot describe it' they just mean that THEY'RE not capable of using words to describe it". Fuck you, whoever wrote that - I defy you to come up with words bad enough to describe this smell.

Seriously. It's not even that they just smell like something has died - it's that when you smell them, YOU WANT TO.


Wrath Of Mom said…
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Wrath Of Mom said…
I use to sign emails with pregNancy when I was pregnant. That was fun -- but Kimperative is much cooler and probably less time specific than my attempt.

Have fun picking up your daughter and I'm sorry to hear that your son has socks that smell so awful the hair in your nostrils has been burned away.
moosilaneous said…
Sounds to me as if you managed to describe the smell -- or, if it is worse than I'm now imagining, I really don't want it described!!
Nicole said…
pregNancy. That's funny! Kimperative - funny too! Nothing goes with Nicole.
Maggie said…
I imagine this is much the same as the smell of my son's soccer socks during hot practice weeks at the end of summer. If I was independently wealthy, I'd consider buying him a new pair of socks for every practice and game and just burning the used ones. I'm not independently wealthy so I wash them early and often, but my sweet lord in heaven, the smell. Uff.
Ms. G said…
I seriously needed a good dose of you! Thank you for existing Allison.
So funny about that tweet. There are definitely some things and situations for which there are no words. LOL
harriet glynn said…
Hey my husband has a hockey bag! I feel your pain!
harriet glynn said…
Oh and BTW, we had a friend who was called Demandrea ;-)

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