Allow me to clarify

To everyone who has responded with kind concern to yesterday's blog post - in the comments and otherwise - I apologize for not being clearer. For this I blame the very brain fog (see? I just typed 'brain god') I was complaining about. I AM following my sister's advice about the gradual weaning process for my anti-depressant, I'm just being grumpy and ungracious about it. This is far from the first time I've had to stop an anti-depressant, and I have no desire to endanger other people on the roads, or my children, or dinner for the next six weeks, by being incautious (now I see I've sort of mixed up a driving reference with a cooking reference, so clearly blogging is also in danger. Awesome. Stupid drugs).  That whole 'relationship with an abusive lover' thing was just an attempt to inject something slightly poetic into what was feeling like a really flat blog post. It really works, though - I'm totally feeling the whole 'if I can't be with you, you'll be miserable' vibe, and it's upsetting. Every time I open the bottle I feel incredibly resentful. But I'll do it.

On the up side, I had lunch with Julie today. And then we went to the Lindt outlet store. I have chocolates with flowery green wrappers!

My husband just brought me a beer. Already feel slightly drunk. At least if I drink it, I'll have a better reason for that. 


Wrath Of Mom said…
That you are depressed about your anti-depressant is kind of ironic. Ironic in a not-funny, lets-stab-stuff kind of way. Enjoy your chocolates and beer -- you deserve a treat.
Sasha said…
Oh good. Go ahead and grump :)
I'm all for grumpiness. It's a way of life for me. (Glad you are weaning slowly though!)

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