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Eve's dance recital: This is our second year at Tournesol, with Hannah Beach, a woman there really aren't enough superlatives to adequately describe. She doesn't do any of the choreography - the kids do it all. The costumes are dirt-cheap stuff we get on sale at fabric stores or dollar stores. There was one duet that Hannah hadn't even seen before the show. She makes a speech before every recital urging everyone to adjust their concept of 'good' dancers and 'bad' dancers while watching. I could be sappy and insincere and say that they're all wonderful but honestly, it's not one hundred percent possible to suspend those evaluative faculties,  and at odd moments it's impossible not to feel your attention slip, or your eye start to roll, or an ever-so-slightly uncharitable thought about 'good' dancers and 'bad' dancers escape its confines.

But this is all just part of the softening-up process, so you're in a perfect state of susceptible complacency and suddenly a dancer moves a certain way, or freezes in a certain tableau, and the expression on their face and the configuration of their limbs presents such a pure, perfect moment of joyful simplicity that you are struck to the very core. And then you're sobbing like an idiot and remembering that last year you SWORE you weren't going to let this happen again.

One group danced while instrumental music played and Hannah read this poem. I can't even read the poem in my head now without weeping at the part about being outlived by our daughters and sons. One group passed out Lindt truffles and danced the taste of chocolate.

Eve was a tree.

One kid was dirt. It really wasn't your average dance recital.

But that's good, really. She's not your average dancer.

Oh yes - I wore my awesome dress.

Also, no one took a baseball to the chest. It's a little thing, but it's a nice thing.


Wrath Of Mom said…
What? HUH?! Isn't it against the law for a child to perform in a dance recital without a face full of glitter and rouge and GLITTER and mascara?!

Nah. I'm just teasing. Eve's costume looks lovely and fresh. I bet she was an awesome tree. Sounds like the whole dance school is ten types of awesome.
StephLove said…
I was like that at N's band concert, noticing all the poor performances until wham, a couple of inspired numbers had me almost in tears.

I'm glad no-one took a baseball to the chest. It sounds better that way.
Sasha said…
I am soooo excited about this dance instructor! Already skimmed the web site. Meena has started dance, I just want to avoid the whole uber-competetive train-for-the-national-ballet schtick. Sounds like this could be the place.

Glad to hear there were no baseballs involved. Or dogs, for that matter. Because trees don't always do well around them, either.
Nicole said…
I love that dress. It's fabulous, darling.
Patti said…
It was a beautiful recital. I've been meaning to write about it too.

That poem makes me cry and I don't like crying, so it makes me kinda angry. But in an entirely good way.
Ms. G said…
That sounds like a recital I would love to see. So often they seem to forget they are working with children. I love the idea of letting the kids be creative. I'm with you on the poem too!
Shan said…
That sounds all kinds of awesome!
Jane said…
Awwww. I miss having a little girl again. Enjoy! Before you know it, they're 19, off at university and dressing up means.....well, I stay off her facebook page for that very reason. I don't want to know what she's wearing when she goes out. She keeps sending back all the potato sacks I've sent.

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