Angus reading The Hunger Games

Did anyone else realize that the guy named Peeta was the baker's son and when you say Peeta out loud it sounds like Pita, which is HILARIOUS? Because, like, it's a kind of bread? Yes? Everyone except me? Fine, fuck off then.

Angus is about halfway through Mockingjay, the third book in the series. When I'm folding laundry at night on my bed he lies in Matt's spot and reads and sometimes reads lines out loud. The other night he read:

"I cleaned my teeth and smoothed my back hair again."

Me: what's that now?

Him: "Wait.....oh. 'I cleaned my teeth and smoothed my HAIR BACK again.'"

I know, this is pitiful. I have a funny story to tell, and I have to review The Juliet Stories, but my overly dramatic airways kept me up most of last night and Matt's away (must be Tuesday), and Eve had dance tonight and we just got home and I wasn't going to blog at all, but then it will be a week, and the thought of the last post in anyone's blogroll with the caption "1 WEEK AGO" underneath makes me unutterably sad, so....


Mary Lynn said…
I've not read The Hunger Games yet, but I have copy bought and ready to take with me on vacation. AND, now that you've blogged about Peeta, I'm sure to have a craving for pita, and maybe some hummous, too, every time I see his name.
Been wanting to read Hunger Games the year after it was released, and now wanting to read the trilogy. Glad that my colleague downloaded an e-book for Hunger Games. Just right before the movie is out, I'll be able to finish reading this. Halfway there, and I think I'm loving Peeta! :D

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Julia said…
I have and have read all the books. Think they are great... hoping they don't ruin them with the movie (like they did with Twilight). I can't remember if you saw it when I posted on Facebook but my 10yr old decided that he wants to see the movie first so he's less disappointed by the movie and more impressed with the book LOL. I think he learned his lesson from watching Harry Potter movies before reading the books.
Ms. G said…
I'll have to read The Hunger Games just so I have an excuse to say Peeta/Pita out loud ; )
Tell me when you post the funny story so I don't miss it. The world is conspiring against me having any time for fun this week!
Nicole said…
I read Mockingjay while recovering from surgery, and I don't know if it was the percocet, but I was super confused.
Lady Mama said…
Oh yes I totally knew Peeta was the baker's son. Wait. What? Okay I haven't read it. I do need some new reading material though so maybe I'll add it to my list.
LiteralDan said…
It's funny, at first, my brain fixed the sentence, but then when I looked at it again more carefully, sure enough, he'd said "back hair". My brain seems to have a very strong bias against back hair.

My back, on the other hand, seems less and less so inclined, as the years go by.
Finola said…
How old is Angus? My daughter just turned 10 and had asked me to buy her The Hunger Games. I wanted to read it first because I thought it might be a bit old for her. I would never stop her from reading a book, but I want to know what she's reading so we can talk about it. I finished it recently and passed it to her telling her that I thought she would be better to wait a year before starting it, but that she could start it if she wanted to. So far she hasn't picked it up yet, so we shall see.

I totally didn't get the pita thing either.
I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!!! I have nothing else to add except the thought of the movie makes me a little squealy.

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