There Goes the Palace

There was an article in the Ottawa Citizen today about Kate the Duchess of Cambridge revealing the heretofore secret name of the royal couple's new dog to a child at a primary school she was visiting.

They named the dog Lupo, which is the Italian word for wolf.

I quote: "By choosing the Italian for wolf for a cocker spaniel -- not a large or particularly fierce breed -- the royal couple may be showing evidence of a sense of irony."

Holy shit! Has anyone told the Queen?


Mary Lynn said…
I'm sure that one would NOT be amused!
clara said…
It's all fun and games until Lupo eats one of them. Just saying.

Funny post!!
Lady Mama said…
I like cheesefairy's idea about Lupo eating one (or all) of them.
Nicole said…
I was going to say the same thing as Cheesefairy - WHAT IF THE COCKER SPANIEL ATTACKS?
He's a wolf in cocker spaniel clothing.
Swistle said…
Ah ha ha ha ha ha!

Also, what a great name!
Sasha said…
Shoot, I didn't know Lupo's name was supposed a secret. Do you think she'll be mad that I spilled the beans at the bus stop last week?

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