Easing back in

Scene: our third night in our hotel room at the Coconut Bay Resort in St. Lucia.  Two double beds, girls in one, boys in the other.  Darkness, cane toads singing, fan spinning lazily overhead.

Angus: What are we going to do tomorrow?

Me: Same thing we do every day, Pinky - try to take over the world!

Angus: I'm really not crazy about going to sleep hearing my mother quoting The Brain.

Me: Would you rather I go back to I'm Sexy and I Know it?

Angus: FINE, fine, we'll take over the world.


Nicole said…
PINKY AND THE BRAIN!!! I love them. Love the pedicure!
Mary Lynn said…
LOOOOOOVE Pinky and the Brain. I totally have the Pinky and the Brain theme song going through my head. But like, the german version:

StephLove said…
St. Lucia? Wow. I'm jealous.
I'm so glad you enjoyed your stay. I seriously doubt that I will ever return to St. Lucia as it's my husband's least fave of the Caribbean islands...unless of course you'd care to have a tag-a-long for the next trip!
Jane said…
No, no! Start quoting Sexy and I Know It! That song should be in the first chapter of How To Embarrass Your Child: Fulfilling Your Parental Duty.
Wrath Of Mom said…
I'm ashamed to admit that I don't know Pinky and the Brain -- nonetheless it was an awesome come back.
Lynn said…
Pinky and the Brain kick ass. Man, I haven't seen that show in ages - is it on TV? I'll have to track it down for the Captain. That and The Tick are classics.

How was the trip? I am envious of the sand AND the toes.
Anonymous said…
I have never heard 'If You're Sexy And You Know It". This must be rectified immediately!

I envy your beautiful toes in the beautiful sand. I hope the rest of your trip was as enviably beautiful.
Amber Strocel said…
Now I'm singing the Pinky and the Brain theme song in my head. A true classic.

Also, thanks for the laugh. I've filed that particular parenting gem away to use later.

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