Like I need this pressure? I thought we were friends!

 Fine. Fine!!

 First of all, my husband went out and bought a new TV today, which kind of ticks me off because how am I supposed to mock people for Boxing Week shopping when my husband is Boxing Week shopping? On the other hand, our old TV fell prey to this creeping blue digital fungus months and months ago and now I can't even type without my eyes constantly wandering over to the TV because the picture! It's so bright! and clear! and people look like people and not like half-people half-grey-blobs. I don't even like hockey but damn! this hockey game looks GORGEOUS! So that's our Christmas present to each other plus Matt's 40th birthday present. Plus a college fund or two, who counts?

 After all the crazy lead-up annoyances, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were blissful. I was making Christmas Eve dinner for the ten of us (my sister and her family, my Mom and Dad and the four of us), but I did most of it ahead of time, so my sister and my nephew came over to hang out with me and Eve while I did finish-up stuff, Angus and Matt went over to my Mom's to hang with my niece and brother-in-law, we started drinking at noon and my sister perused the book I bought for my Dad and totally did NOT help my cause when I kept telling Eve it was inappropriate for her, while being interrupted by my sister braying with laughter every second page. At least she wrapped it for me when she was done laughing on it.

 Eve loves my sister. I mean REALLY loves her. My sister is tall and dresses beautifully and wears makeup and jewellery pretty much every day. Her shoes have heels on them. My sister also has a daughter that sat up in bed one morning when she had to get up for church and said "me no wear a dress". She was two at the time and had probably never worn anything BUT a dress. We can count on one hand the number of times she's worn one since. She plays hockey and basketball, and she skateboards. So my sister likes spending time with Eve too. This is just after my sister gave Eve, in her words, "the hair I've always dreamed of"

Then they went up to her bedroom and did a photo session, complete with costume changes. Because my sister is also a very accomplished photographer. And a pharmacist. Okay, it's a good thing I'm fairly secure about how much Eve likes me and that I'm NOT an entire waste of space as a human being, or I would have to stop and just tell you all to go be friends with my SISTER and read HER blog instead, WAH! Wait, my sister doesn't have a blog. Thbfft.

My stupidly beautiful daughter:

Then everyone else came over, and we ate and drank and the kids did some weird air-light-sabre dance in the living room:

Yeah, that's what you get from my camera - and I wouldn't buy drugs from me either.

I'd been sad because Mickey's Christmas Carol hadn't been on TV, and we've watched it every year since the kids were very small.  They both roll on the ground helpless with laughter at the part where the big fat giant who's the Ghost of Christmas Present tells Scrooge of course he's not going to eat him because "there are such good things to eat at Christmas like roast goose and suckling pig and (something else I can't remember) with pistachba -- with mistachma -- with meshuggamashuggama -- uh, with yogoit".  The first time I made them pistachio pudding they could barely stop laughing long enough to eat it.  Anyway, I had looked on Netflix and iTunes and nobody had it, so finally I just Googled it and, wouldn't you know it, it was on YOUTUBE.  For FREE.  And we have an Apple tv so we could play it on the tv, and they had all these other classic Disney Christmas cartoons so we all watched for a while in the dark with candles and Christmas lights and it was delightful.

Then everyone else went home and we put the kids to bed in the basement.  I let Matt go to bed after he helped me carry up presents because he was still on Japan time and it seemed cruel to make him stay awake.  I stuffed stockings then watched the season one Christmas episode of Community, then snuck downstairs to put the kids' stockings on their beds and manged not to knock anything over and wake them up.  Then I went to bed for a refreshing four hours of sleep or so.


Wrath Of Mom said…
I'm blogging during Christmas b/c I've given the kids the week off from lessons and I've got NOTHING better to do. Maybe I should enroll the kids in school and just blog FULL TIME!? Think of how much ass-hattery I could create and share with the world!
The Host said…
I'm blogging during the holidays because I can pretend I'm "working from home" and send the toddler to her father's corner of the living room for a little while. Except today when she's at daycare because I've already paid for the day and The Husband is at work. I'm going to post something today (I think) because it sounds better than saying I spent the whole damn day in my bathrobe doing something close to nothing.
Bridget said…
I'm just now getting back to it, things have been caraaazy around here! I'm glad you and your family had a nice Christmas!!
Nicole said…
Eve is gorgeous. But so are you. So there, pffft.

You make me laugh, about the TV. When my husband bought our current TV, I was like "Noooo, we don't need it.." and then I was like "Hey, I kind of love this."
Kelly Miller said…
Eve is beautiful (as always)! Love her different expressions.

Also - quit blogging you over achiever!
Shan said…
I kind of took a little break recovering from the cold of death and all. Christmas Eve sounds lovely and the pictures of Eve are gorgeous! Merry Christmas my friend!
Pam said…
Awesome with amazing on top! Eve looks gorgeous, as do you babe! I still think you can mock people who boxing day mania shop because you technically did not do the shopping. But wonderful to have a TV that works - a real plus.

Cheers to a great Christmas and I'm glad you are doing a bit o' bloggin' over it as I need Allisonatainment.
StephLove said…
I usually skip blogging about Christmas because either it's nice but boring, or it's so interesting I'd get in trouble with my relatives (generally the in-laws) if I did. But my mom's house was bursting at the seams with relatives so that created some non-controversial blog fodder.
Finola said…
Beautiful family!
Can your sister do my hair sometime soon? Please?
Julie said…
we used to get our stockings on our bed when we were kids too. i should do it for the jb.
Mary Lynn said…
Oh honey...*I* would buy drugs from you. ;-)

Sounds like a fabulous Christmas. I hope you got a truckload of books from everyone, too.

I didn't blog at all over Christmas. Do I get a gold star? I was too busy eating cookies, building LEGO and obsessively killing zombies. Someone had to.
Anonymous said…
I love your title! Love it! (I feel the same way. Oh, the pressure.)

The pics are beautiful. Your sister, your daughter.

And heels? They are so over-rated.
Magpie said…
Two words: scheduled posts.

Happy new year!
Neeroc said…
Love the photo shoot...as for my blogging, I appear to have run out of steam, on Christmas lol

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