Random bullets (none of them have anyone's name on them)

-My husband got back from a week and a half in Japan yesterday. I also got my hair cut and highlighted. I know I should be happier about the former than the latter, but honestly? Those roots were getting really depressing. And the hair appointment didn't leave me with a mountain of well-travelled underwear on top of the washer. So...

 -I took Eve to the mall on Monday morning to see Santa because she suddenly sprung on me that she really wanted to see Santa and there was no way in hell we were going after piano lessons, which would be right when the dinner rush was ramping up. She got to school two hours late. Judge me if you want. It was adorable. She wore her Santa hat and asked for a science kit. In other news, I bought a science kit today.

 -After seeing Santa we went to the Footlocker in Bayshore and they had ONE pair of the god-awful shoes Angus has been wanting that no store has had in his size, in his size. Yay. And also, bleargh.

 -After Santa and the Footlocker we went to Zellers. We found a silly gift for Matt and we were standing in line waiting to pay for it and Eve started talking about her classmates and which of them do and don't celebrate Christmas. When I tuned in she was saying "...and Maryam doesn't. But I think Natasha does. And Jessie does, even though she's Chinese too. Or maybe Japanese. I really can't tell the difference. Well I guess I could if I was in China, or Japan. But then, what if someone Chinese was visiting Japan? Or someone Japanese was visiting China?" I decided we didn't need the gag gift and it was time for her to go back to school.

 -I went to Swiss Chalet for lunch with my friend Collette because we were together on Sunday night and realized neither of us had had the festive special yet. She rang my doorbell frantically and when I opened the door she jumped up and down and yelled "It's festive time, it's festive time, it's festive time!" Then she said "it's kind of sad that I'm really not faking that by much."

 -There was a British family behind us at lunch. The kid was explaining the festive special to his father in the most charming of accents and Collette said "makes you want to move just for a little while, huh?" We wondered how people discipline their children when they talk like that. "Are you displeased with me, Mummy?(imagine in British accent)". "No, never mind, it's okay".

 -Go see Arthur Christmas.


Kelly Miller said…
What is a Swiss Chalet and the festive special? Is really called "the festive special"? Is it only once per year or does it change with the season? NEED. MORE. BULLETS.
the queen said…
I second the comment above.
Wrath Of Mom said…
Is this post your way of separating the Canadians from the foreigners? Do I get a festive special prize for knowing all about the Festive Special? PLLLLLLLLEAAAAAAASE!

I am however boggled that there are still Footlockers around. FOR REAL?! Please tell me that there are still Lady Footlockers doing trade in braided sweatbands and large earrings to coordinate with pastel toned sweat suits. Oh, how I miss the eighties. I wonder if netflix.ca has LA Law in their collection..
Pam said…
I'm going to bottle up Eve and bring her home with me. I love hearing her chatter! And now I'm craving a festive special, except mine has Bailey's in it somewhere.
Anonymous said…
I love the Festive Special! And I haven't had one yet, either! I would so go with you to Swiss Chalet if I could.

Sad confession - years ago when the Festive Special was still promoted with the song set to the tune of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" my sister and I used to sing along every time it came on TV. The closest Swiss Chalet to us at the time was over an hour's drive away so we never actually *had* the Festive Special - we just knew those commercials signified Christmas!
Nicole said…
No judgements here - what do they even do in the last two weeks of school, anyway?

I do judge (a little) the parents that take their terrified kids to see Santa, when obviously they don't want to, just to get a photo op. But taking a little girl wearing a Santa hat who is super excited to ask Santa for a science kit? ADORABLE. Also, I love that she wants a science kit!
Julie said…
i haven't had a festive special in a decade or more. yes i am a bad canadian.

arthur christmas is awesome!

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