Time to Light the Lights

This morning my husband left for China at some ungodly hour. At a somewhat more civilized hour, I took Angus to hockey practice. I shuttled him into the dressing room, then went to sit in the rink. Then I realized that two teams were practicing and since it was a practice no one would be wearing jerseys with names or numbers on them and it was going to be really hard to figure out which team was Angus's and which kid was Angus on the team.

I was wrong. It wasn't hard. It was impossible. I sat for half the practice on one half of the arena, thought I was watching the wrong team, switched to the other half and picked out who I thought was Angus to watch and felt proud because he was smoking his partner in the drill where they had to skate around the pylon and get the puck. Turns out I was in the right half of the arena to begin with. Don't think I saw Angus do a single thing. Oh well.

Came home. Baked some cheddar cheese scones with fresh rosemary. Sounds delicious, doesn't it? They're not - they suck ass. Don't use the cheddar cheese scones recipe on Epicurious. If I'd made them before practice we could have used them as pucks.

Then we went to see The Muppets with the kids' friends and their Dad who is also solo parenting this week-end (he said to Eve 'this is weird, I've never been on a date with your Mom before'. Then he looked at her face and said 'I just creeped you out a little bit, didn't I?' She agreed most emphatically that he had creeped her out a little bit.

The movie is flat-out motherfucking awesome (and no, I do not believe that would be as effective without the adjective 'motherfucking'). It was like watching something with the bottomless capacity for wonder and joy of a child and yet having all the capacity for smart-assed ironic self-referential recognition of an adult. Although when Kermit said to Piggy "maybe you don't need the whole world to love you - maybe you just need one person" and then they sang The Rainbow Connection, I welled up with an absolute lack of irony (oh - should I have marked that as a spoiler?). Eve loved it even though before we left for the movie she recalled somewhat uneasily that she had been frightened by some muppets at some point. Angus liked it even though I had to strong-arm him into coming (there was no one to stay home with him and I was GOING, goddammit).

On balance, I'm calling it a good day.


Wrath Of Mom said…
I'm a little creeped out by that dad's comment. But I live in a place that is rife w/ extra-marital, motherfucking dating, so I'm overly sensitive.

If my 9 year old son did not have long hair I would never be able to find him on the ice during his speed skating practice. As is it, it's always easy to spot the hairy boy.
Lynn said…
Oh man, now I can't wait! We always have one "go to the movies" event for our advent season and this year I was finding it impossible to choose between the Muppets and Arthur Christmas, which I hear is also great. Now the Muppets are definitely winning!
Mary Lynn said…
I'm tremendously excited to go see the new Muppet movie, but somewhat taken aback by my husband'a complete indifference. Huh. You think you know someone.
Shan said…
Just like Lynn I was thinking about doing a holiday movie but couldn't decided between the two either. Muppets are winning here now too.
Nicole said…
I want to see that movie so badly! But no one else in my family does. I guess it will be Arthur Christmas.
Finola said…
I can't wait to take my kids to see the Muppet movie! This should show them how great the muppets really are - their first exposure was the muppet version of the Wizard of Oz and was truly truly terrible. *Shudder*
"flat-out motherfucking awesome"...I could have used that in my Muppets review.

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