Random shit

Eve's home from school again, barfy-but-not-quite-barfing. It's okay - obviously I wasn't going to be allowed to step foot out of the house today, because my hair is AWESOME. And the number of people I see in a day is inversely proportional to how bad my hair will be, and my hair mysteriously knows AHEAD OF TIME. My hair is an asshole.

I spent hours in an Etsy wormhole last night favouriting hand-made ecologically-sound non-toxic wooden toys between which to choose for my nephew, while at the same time wondering exactly to what degree my brother-in-law and his wife would shun me if I sent him a gigantic Nerf machine gun.

I just finished reading this book, which should be easily dismissable as the foul product of a horrifyingly diseased mind, but somehow isn't. Somehow there's enough compassion, melancholy, intelligence and social commentary shaded into the loving descriptions of bodily disease and decay to rescue it - although I have a few qualms about it being labeled teen fiction, and I have no idea who I'd recommend it to.

That commercial about banana-scented shaving lotion for carrots? It's fucking weird.

I don't like artichokes.


Pam said…
No one does random as awesomely as you. It works and it's totally syck. (Meant in the cool way, not barfy.) Artichokes and asaigio cheese dip is yummy... but maybe because it tastes a lot more cheesy than artichokey.
Betsy B. Honest said…
Usually people don't make me laugh while bitching about their hair, you know? Cause it's been done. But you made me laugh.

My greatest gift to my son was to tell people who asked what to get him for his third birthday that I only bought hand-made ecologically-sound non-toxic feminist-friendly toys for him and that he deperately needed boy crap, so they should let their 3-year old pick out something I would hate.

He was a little perplexed though opening his gifts. "Why are all these toys so scary?"
Mary Lynn said…
There's a commercial about banana-scented shaving lotion for carrots?

I don't understand this world.
Alexandra said…
My lucky day. 11 11 11. I love random posts, they're my favorite.

And etsy: oh god , etsy.

And now pinterest. Tell me you've done pinterest.
No wonder peeps can't comment anymore: we're all on PINTEReST!!
Jane said…
Isn't that the truth....about the good and bad hair days? Happens to me all the time.

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