In which I make with the 'tude (but not the bad one)

The lovely and talented Beck graciously invited me to be part of her anti-Oprah Christmas list post (and by 'invited' I actually mean 'didn't block me when I ambushed her in her Twitter timeline in mid-discussion of the post saying "please please please can I do the book part please please?" This is one nice, nice lady folks.)

I was going to save my thank-you post for a day when I was really stuck, and today I'm actually not stuck. There's a book I need to review that I forgot to do yesterday that I could do today. I already know what I'm doing for Wednesday Waffling tomorrow. But after reading your comments on yesterday's atrocity, I am so overcome with gratitude that I have to do my thank-you post today.

Everyone knows it's not easy posting every day - that's why we need a wacky, hard-to-say phrase like nablopomo, because if you're posting every day many things become wacky and hard to say. You start to forget if you've already written about your kid being afraid of sock fluff or the woman in the schoolyard who always shares too much or how you've always suspected that insects are trying to communicate with you (purely hypothetical). You start to plumb the very depths of your idea well and suddenly you realize why even your very favourite columnist throws out a dud every now and then.

But what about the readers? WHAT ABOUT THE POOR READERS? They who have been accustomed to your lazy, comfortable, twice-or-thrice a week output are suddenly bombarded with a new post (such as it is) EVERY DAMNED DAY. There is no end to the onslaught of inanity. I figured I would be lucky to not have zero comments on every second or third post. This was one of my chief concerns the first year I did nablopomo - "but if I don't leave the damned thing there for three or four days, NO ONE will see it, so what's the point? If a post falls in the forest..."

But damn, you guys are awesome. No matter what drivel I put out there, you have my back. Half the time someone says something that encapsulates perfectly what I was actually trying to say in the post (okay, in that case it's a balanced mix of gratitude and envy, but whatever).

So a huge heaping helping of hugs and kisses to everyone who has read and/or commented (no, that makes no sense, it can't be read OR commented, who would comment without even reading? Oh wait, maybe THAT's how you're doing it - no, then the comments would make no sense, and they mostly make sense, so...). If anyone wants to be on my Christmas card list (with the added bonus of obnoxiously cute pictures of my kids) email me your address and I'll put you at the very top.

Okay, enough with the sweetness. I promise to return to my regularly-scheduled acerbity tomorrow. Blog bless us, every one.


Amy said…
Pillow and egg?
Beck said…
Thank you for noticing that I am lovely AND talented! This doesn't get mentioned enough, I feel.
To answer your question at my place: I LOVE Bones. Obsessively.
I completely fell down the link-hole that was your post to Beck's post to The Oatmeal. God what a fun hole that was.
Betsy B. Honest said…
Uh... which is the one in which you don't make with the 'tude?

I love your posts. They are consistently awesome. You also have, hands down, the best titles of any blogger I know. If I was less lazy, I would send you an award that I made from a jpg to post on your blog that said "Best Ever Titler". And it would have to have some boobs on it I think, cause that would be so confusing. Maybe I will do this one day when I'm less busy reading your blog posts.
Betsy B. Honest said…
Oh, and definitely put me on your Christmas card list.

I never know how to reply to your comments, I can't ever find your email address.
Ms. G said…
'if a post falls in the forest' snicker...I obviously picked the wrong month to take both a blog break and a vacation and will have to set aside an afternoon to back read.

And yeah! Put the damn email on your comment profile!
Bibliomama said…
Er...there's a way to do that?
Mary Lynn said…
You forgot to say thank-you to everyone EXCEPT Mary Lynn. Or do I get a thank-you, too? In which case, you're welcome.

Oh! Did you hear that? This fruit fly says you're welcome, too!
StephLove said…
I do admire those of you posting every day in November. I'm not sure I have it in me, but maybe one year I will try it. I would have to learn to writer shorter posts, I think.

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