Sunday Scenes

I was surfing the NaBloPoMo blogroll this morning, as I have most days this month. The first blog post I read was about the blogger's one-year-old and it was cute, but she closes comments and requests emails instead because "it will mean more to both of us".

(sound of loud annoying buzzer like the kind that means you guessed WRONG on a game show)

I LIKE leaving comments. I don't leave one unless I feel it's meaningful. I rarely get one that I don't consider meaningful (assuming it's from a real person). Also, when I click on 'email me' on a blog, I get this email form that doesn't work, so I have to click over to my email and type the address in. In other words, she would have had me as a reader and now she does not.

The second blog was a cool book blog - instead of full reviews each post was just general musing about whatever part of the book the blogger was at. But a few posts down was a post saying he was doing NaBloPoMo but was still on the fence about it and didn't really see the point, plus he was so sick he probably wouldn't be able to keep doing it.

(sound of loud annoying buzzer etc.)

Fortunately, then I found this blog (cute and relatable) and this blog (funny, cool and a little dirty), so I didn't feel like the entire blogroll was filled with whiny fence-sitting pretentious gits.

Angus had a 6 a.m. hockey practice this morning. Angus's new bed in his bedroom is a loft bed with a ladder. He slept in the basement the entire time Matt was away because Eve was sick and he wanted no part of it (even though he demanded updates on her condition every hour). At the end of the week-end we made him move back into his room. Matt is now of the opinion that Angus should sleep in the basement whenever he has a 6 a.m. hockey game or practice because "do you have any idea how impossible it is to drag a 120-pound half-asleep kid down that ladder at 5 a.m.?" Matt then did a hilarious impression of himself jumping up and down, saying "Angus, get up" at the top of every jump. Apparently teddy bears were thrown and it was a whole big bad scene.

Speaking of bad scenes, Matt and I went to get passport photos taken this afternoon. The whole not smiling thing is really bad for me - I need the smile to tighten up my first chin or the second one becomes really obvious. Sigh.

Speaking of even more bad scenes, me and my double chin are going to see Twilight tonight. Stay tuned for much mocking and hilarity.


Nicole said…
Whenever I hear about early ice times I am so happy my kids never wanted to be in hockey. Whew. Also neither of them can skate (I need to get on that).

Not smiling in passport photos is the stupidest thing ever. Also stupid - my SIL had to put eyeshadow on my infant niece's ears because they stuck out too much and hence they looked translucent in the picture. WE HAVE GONE TOO FAR WITH THE PASSPORT PHOTO STICKLERS!
Pauline said…
Wow! That is really annoying! Some parents are really spoiled nad entitled. Emails from strangers mean more than a comment? Really? Sheesh!

Looking forward to the Twilight mocking! ;)
clara said…
I will email you my thoughts later.


My mom has white hair and her head totally disappeared in her passport photo. It was pretty spooky. Also they made her take off her glasses, which she wears all the time, for seeing with.

Happy monday.
Jen said…
Hi! I've been 'lurking'/reading your site for all of NaBloPoMo. I am participating in NaBloPoMo as well, which has unfortunately fried my brain's ability to make any meaningful/rational/sensical comments on other blogs. So just thought I'd say 'hi' and let you know that you have a lurker out there...who's just too exhausted to comment : ) I too have been trolling the NaBloPoMo blogroll as well looking for gems and was happy to get your suggestions! Good luck with the last 9 days!
Finola said…
My 9yo just got her passport photo taken and she even has a couple of chins and looks like a convict. There is no winning in passports anymore.

Where did you get the loft bed? We want to get one for my youngest for Christmas.
A mom from K's school was telling me I should really put him in hockey and then K and her son could skate together at 7am. And I started coughing. Obviously she does not understand my need for sleep in the morning. I can't believe that they start 5 year olds at 7am...and then it's downhill from there. Why do people not play hockey at normal times? Is that not possible? I'm obviously a fail at being Canadian because my kids are never going into hockey.

BTW, I read the sexting post. Funny...though her spelling mistakes irked. I'd probably be correcting her too.

I wonder how many comments that person gets when she insists on only email. That's weird.
Betsy B. Honest said…
Yeah, awesome woo! Know what I love? Kittens! So cute.

(My attempt to write the most meaningless comment ever.)
StephLove said…
I think you lost me at the phrase "6 a.m. hockey practice." I love watching my little one play soccer but I hope there are no 6 a.m. practices for any sport in my future.
krista said…
we have to give EVERYONE at least 4 copies of passport photos to get anything done. All four of us look like hell, an now we are plastered across India!

FWIW, I LOVE getting comments from you. I am a terrible commenter, I read on my phone a lot, and commenting is a PITA. I see the value, so I am working on this!!

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