Friday Funny

Because sometimes you have to laugh or you'll be so frustrated from searching for a double loft bed for your son (after finding one in the IKEA catalogue and realizing that it's actually the PERFECT SOLUTION and MUST BE OBTAINED and then finding out that the IKEA in your city doesn't carry it any more and then searching every other goddamned furniture store that is searchable without your ass actually leaving a chair and not finding one ANYWHERE) that you'll cry. Or at least use a lot of objectionable language and feel kind of cranky.

I can't remember where I came across this for the first time, but I came across a copy of it in my pictures file and it made me snort unbecomingly again. It's the corollary to those magical experiences where students come back and tell teachers what a positive difference they made in the student's life. As my son would say, Mrs. Johanson totally pwned Larry. Plus, his name is Larry - for some reason that also makes me giggle.

Also, if you haven't seen possibly the best legal typo of all time, check this out. My lawyer friend said he's considering it as a new template for his retainer letter.


Nicole said…
Bahaha! Oh, people and their spelling/grammar. It sadly reminds me of many, many people on my own FB page.
Ms. G said…
Ha, Go Ms. Johanson! As for the legal, is that skill a basic job requirement or considered special training? ; )
Gwen said…
So funny! I think I would have enjoyed Ms. Johanson's class!
alison said…
I couldn't see Mrs. Johanson. Only the list of comments. :( But the legal typo more than made up for that. I have to pass that along.
collette Antaya said…
Funny!! I bet the new gigantic Ikea will carry the bed you want---right after you buy an "it will do" bed.
Patti said…
Mrs. J rocks.

I do not. Couldn't find the legal typo. I tend to read things as I want them to be and not as they actually are.

Can you please circle the typo on the letter and re-post? Or you can just tell me over coffee tomorrow.


Blond and blind, but not too bright
Patti said…
OK! Thanks for the assist on that one. OMG!
Pauline said…
Do you have to buy that bed from IKEA is there nowhere else you can get it?

That FB post made me laugh! What a cool teacher!
Hmm...a**fisting. Sounds like an interesting office.

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