Cottage Surfing - it's Awesome.

New record for me and Eve - three cottages in six days. Have GPS, will travel.

First, Lyndhurst. My husband's uncle and aunt and six-year-old cousin (which the kids find extremely amusing) had rented a cottage in Lyndhurst. The boys were in District playoffs, so we were the only available family representatives. The swimming wasn't great - I tried to push Eve out past the weeds in a tube, but it turned out there really was no 'past the weeds'. But the deck overlooking the water was beautiful. And there was beer.

And frogs.

Next up, our friends' place where they have people up every summer and this nice man deep fries a turkey.

Eve has never been able to jump into water. She has stood on the side of the pool or the edge of the dock for countless minutes, always getting really frustrated with herself for chickening out. Today, with a huge audience no less, she finally took the plunge.

...which was great, because then she could partake in the numerous cannonball contests.

There was also swinging, sliding, singing, bottle-drinking...

...and an upside-down baby.

Third, we visited the female half of a family we met through baseball - B. was on Eve's team, L. was on Angus's, and Matt and I really liked the Mom and Dad. Two years of bliss and merriment...then the stupid military made them move to Edmonton. They were in town at their cottage for a week, so Eve and I went out for the day. We went swimming, sat on the deck for a bit, and played a game of Trivial Pursuit.

We couldn't decide between the Younger Player questions and the Canadian version - the younger player ones gave us such masterpieces as: "What is Cookie Monster munching on in the video game Cookie Monster Munch?" Seriously? So we kept going back and forth, and we made the girls read all the questions. This led to B. asking a question about 'Austria's Nasty Party' (well, the Nazis were pretty nasty) and Eve reading something about the King of structures which confused the hell out of everybody until we figured out it was 'what KIND of structures'. Eve and I built up a nice lead early on, then W. and B. caught up and we eventually had to call the game on the grounds that W. and I were out of beer.

Did I mention that B. is only three months older than Eve, who is not short for her age? Yeesh.

Here's to travelling with vats of Southwest Pasta Salad, permanently damp bathing suits and the Wailin' Jennys as background music.

(no frogs were harmed in the photographing of this post).


Bridget said…
Looks like lots of fun! Congratulations to Eve for jumping and cannon balling into the water!

Kyle is a pretty good sized kid, but he has a friend that makes him look so little. My sister saw a picture of them together and said, "Kyle shrunk!" No. J's just huge. And I think they are only a few months apart, too.
Mary Lynn said…
Eve looks like a Cannonballer Extraordinaire! Sounds like a fantastic summer week...cottage-time with good friends, frogs, boardgames, beer and upside-down babies. Lovely!
Nicole said…
Way to go, Eve!!!
Kelly Miller said…
I need friends with lakeside cottages!
Looks like everyone was having a blast! Congratulations to Eve, that is really a great accomplishment!!
Wrath Of Mom said…
Good for Eve. I jumped into a lake for the first time at age 31, so she's got me beat.
Ms. G said…
Beer and upside down babies are the best: )

And Yay Eve! I totally get it. I wasn't keen on the jumping at first when I was her age either.
Anonymous said…
Of course your background music was The Wailin' Jennys because that is how one does things when cottage surfing!
Shan said…
It all looks like so much fun. I wish I had a cottage you could surf to!
I need some friends with cottages...sadly it's not very common out this way.

Booyah for Eve jumping into the water!
Amber said…
Go, Eve! That all looks like so much fun.
Pam said…
Looks amazing! Eve is much braver than Laura on the frog thing. She looks extremely blissful. I hope you are feeling the same. Definately a summer of awesome thing.
Sandra said…
I have turkey deep fat frying party friends with a cottage too! We live for that party! It's like all you can eat greasefest! My friend's usually do theirs in Oct.
Loved the pictures, and Eve does look to be a teeny tiny! Glad you didn't harm any of the frogs. I'd hate to have to report you to the Humane Society. If you ever feel the need to harm an animal, feel free to come over and swat my big stupid border collie with your slipper.
Patti Murphy said…
What a blast. I admire your courage driving all over cottage country sans husband. I have no sense of direction, but you've convinced me to buy a GPS.

What is it with kids and frogs?

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