Will no one ease their pain?

I like to think I'm not a grammar snob. I'm fine with the opening of Star Trek The Next Generation when Patrick Stewart says "to boldly go" even though it's a split infinitive (truthfully Patrick Stewart could say whatever the hell he wanted and I'd listen with gladness in my heart). I've been known to dangle a participle or two (I'm badass like that).

It does shrivel my soul a little, though, when someone abuses an apostrophe. And I'm on Facebook -- I see a LOT of apostrophe abuse.

Sometimes I think about pointing out someone's error -- gently, kindly, self-deprecatingly ("I know, I know, I'm totally anal about apostrophes, and it doesn't really matter, but just in case you always wanted to know..."). But I never do, because I have a feeling that, no matter how nicely you do it, correcting someone's punctuation usage is going to light you up as a big ol' douchebag.

And then I got a few emails from this library staff listserv that I had to join as part of my last course and now can't figure out how to un-join (how's that for good-grammar?) in which someone agreed with something someone else had said with the expression 'here here!'.

And someone else responded "I'm sorry, but this is one of my pet peeves. It's 'hear hear'".

And you know? She DID come across as a big ol' douchebag.

So go ahead. Have your way with those poor little apostrophes. You won't get any trouble from me. (I'll just talk about all of you behind your back's. SEE, doesn't that just look SO CRUELLY UNUTTERABLY WRONG??? How can we stand by and let this happen, are we barbarians?)


Nicole said…
I hate spelling and grammatical errors. I hate when people use peak instead of peek or even peek instead of pique. It drives me crazy. But then I misspelled avocado in a blog post! Several times. I have been humbled.
Julie said…
had no idea patrick stewart was speaking not write. but thoght i wuld say sorri for all the stuff's that u c on my face BOok. must drive u battee.
Magpie said…
Here, here! Look at me, I'm over here!
Haha. I'm the one that pointed out the avocado error in Nicole's post. God, does that make me a douche? Or caring friend? I'm hoping she thinks caring friend.
Suniverse said…
I'll be right here talking about them with you. I HATE grammatical errors and am SO unbelievably judgy about it. Seriously. SO judgmental.

That being said, it does seem douchey when other people do it. Let's just roll our eyes and shake our heads and be sad for the fate of America.
Ms. G said…
Oh Lord, how many times have I put you in a tailspin? ; ) Feel Free! Most of the time I think, wait, is that right? and then say, oh who cares? 10 whole people actually read me.
Gwen said…
Oh! How about your and you're? There's a difference, how was this overlooked????
Amber said…
Your always making me laugh, I love coming to read you're post's on you're blog. ;)
Amber Strocel said…
Apostrophe abuse makes me bonkers. And it's even worse when I see it from someone who should know better - like, say, my friend the grade 1 teacher. Because we have to stop this NOW, not pass it on to our children. Think of the children!
Kelly Miller said…
After waxing poetic about how I hate splint infinitives, my sister said, "It must be horrible for you on Facebook." Truer words were never spoken.

You are a woman after my heart.

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