On the way to the dance recital, Eve was in the back seat with my Mom. We were at a stop sign and a man passed us. He was pushing a jogging stroller and wearing nothing but running shoes, socks, and a leaving-nothing-to-the-imagination pair of spandex shorts. And a heart monitor. I heard Eve say to my Mom:

"If you're going to take your kid for a walk, it would be nice to have an ounce of dignity".

(actually I think she said digginty, but I believe she made her point).

Last night Angus was getting ready for baseball talking to my husband, the coach. He said "do I at least get to catch tonight if I can't pitch?" Matt said "no." Angus said "WHAT?" Matt said "look, I have a bunch of positional debts to pay off or the parents are going to start getting ticked off at me. If it makes you feel any better, Jack's getting equally screwed. Well, not totally...

I'm letting him catch for an inning just to piss you off."


Julie said…
yes, a little digginty please.

i want to hang out with your family.
Gwen said…
LOL, Eve is a funny girl!

Poor Angus. The "positional debts" will get you ever time!
Nicole said…
Fuck, I love Eve! She is one hilarious girl. She takes after her mama, I guess!
Ms. G said…
I love your family. Seriously, it's a shame they aren't the right ages to arrange a marriage or something ; )
Your family is awesome. I love all of you and I'm paying to move you out to the West so we can hang out.
Amber Strocel said…
I think I may need to start using "digginty" in my daily life.

That is all.
Magpie said…
You people play rough, huh?

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