I'm a Moron

And the universe is just fucking with me now. I volunteered for Eve's class's field trip this week, because I'd gone on Angus's and I didn't think fast enough to book a colonoscopy or have a crippling accident that would have convinced Eve I couldn't go on hers. And the teacher sent a note saying thanks for offering but we already have enough volunteers.

YAY. Full credit for good intentions (which I did not have, my intentions were distinctly grudging and ungracious) and no requirement for arduous follow-through.

Then she came out when I went to pick up Eve this afternoon and said she'd had two last-minute cancellations so they could really use my help after all.

SONOFABITCH. Should have maimed myself when I had the chance.

I get to drive by myself this time. It'll be fine.

Nan from Wrath of Mom was talking about movies she hasn't seen and movies she loved but couldn't watch now, which reminded me of A Room With a View, which I adored and watched over and over. Once I watched it with my friend from University. Jen was funny and outgoing and I was always a little in awe of her. She spoke her mind and worked in a bar and slept with older men. After the movie, she said wistfully, "you know, if I was living this movie, I just know that I would be in love with George.... I would kind of want Freddy (who would be her brother if she was living in this movie, but let's just let that go by)....

but I would end up sleeping with Mr. Beebe."

It was an impressive display of self-knowledge.


Wrath Of Mom said…
That made me laugh out loud in a most unladylike manner. Hmm...I would sleep with whomever I had to just to ensure I didn't turn out like Cousin Charlotte.

Enjoy that field trip! You are a saint for volunteering.
Bridget said…
The things we put ourselves through for our kids. Hey, at least the "Bieberettes" won't be singing in your ear the whole way this time!

Hope the field trip goes great!
Anonymous said…
What is it they say about the road to hell? *g*

It is becoming clear to me I'm going to have to cultivate my reputation as 'that mother' early on so as not to be welcome at these things.
Amber said…
So no bus this time? Not as bad for sure.
Ms. G said…
Now that is the way to play the system. Volunteer early but then have an excuse handy to skip out. Good intentions without consequences! Something to keep in mind next time around ; )
Mary Lynn said…
Ah, Eve's gonna love that you're there on the field trip with her.
Nicole said…
There is still time! There is still time to maim yourself! Or book an equally fun colonoscopy! Do it nowwwwwwww!
My son's last field trip of the year is next week. I was asked yesterday if I would be a parent volunteer. Which sounds mildly tolerable until you realize that they are taking the kids on a SIX HOUR field trip. SIX HOURS!! I don't know what the hell they think they're doing for that length of time, but I will not be with them. God bless, preschool.
Lynn said…
OH MY GOD. Your friend Jen has read my mind. It's like we have a direct mental link. She is FREAKING ME OUT.

Oh Mr. Beebe. You had such quiet hotness. I cried and cried when he died in Four Weddings and a Funeral (called something else, but always Mr. Beebe in my own mind).

I love that movie. It's been on my wish list forever.
Suniverse said…
I hate it when my grudging offer of help is accepted. CAN'T THEY HEAR MY GRRRR?

Great movie - and I totally would have gone from one to the next.
Gwen said…
LOL! I can't wait to read the post about Eve's field trip!
Shan said…
Already looking forward to the post field trip post!
Betsy B. Honest said…
No, I'm a moron. I read this post twice while asking myself "But what does this have to do with being a Mormon?"
Amber Strocel said…
Nothing that I could say would top Betsy's comment, so I will leave it at, "Sorry you had to go on the field trip after all."
My sucky day just got a little better after reading this. I have always thought I was the only bad, bad, mom who hated fieldtrips!
Just for that, I'm following now.

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